When you come to catalyst2, you have the opportunity to collaborate with a company that, thanks to twenty years of experience, has a keen understanding of this particular field. Being providers of top-tier UK dedicated servers means that unlike some of the other data centres in the country, we can offer insightful advice on the best course of action. Should you wish to educate yourself further on this matter, feel free to familiarise yourself with the words of wisdom imparted by our experts below.

Flexible Server

The moment that you start your company, you will undoubtedly be looking to try and enhance the way that you attract new customers – this is particularly true of those firms which are competing against a saturated market. Some of the other options, whilst technically superior, can take an extended amount of time to set-up, hence why you may not pay them much heed. However, there are ways in which to get around this; case-and-point, flexible servers are seeing their popularity spike, and it is not difficult to see why.

Many people believe that the most important advantage associated with flexible servers is the fact that you can create a bespoke agreement which adequately caters to your needs. This is a service which does not force you to continuously pump money into a service which does not directly benefit you. The contracts are a minimum of one week, meaning that you can use this service as a type of stop-gap prior to entering into a long-term deal. These offers are dedicated to those companies which are perhaps struggling to determine the direction that they are going in.

Unlike the majority of the other options listed below, what allows the flexible server to stand apart from the rest is the fact that you can continuously adapt and change. If you are thinking that more could be done to improve your campaigns, you can request that your assigned technicians pay closer attention to the typical accomplishments of your website. This type of information can serve to provide insight into what needs to be improved.

Cloud Hosting

In recent years, you may have noticed the fact that there have been significant advances in our technical capabilities. This can be seen in various aspects of modern-day life – from the smartphones that we use on a daily basis, to the compact-yet-powerful laptops which we utilise, the changes are evident. The evolution has also impacted the manner in which people host their business websites – one such innovative change has come in the form of cloud-based systems.

In essence, this is a service which looks to minimise the expenses of smaller corporations, whilst not impacting the way that their websites run. In times gone by, the only option for you would involve storing your data on a piece of physical hardware – these types of services are still available, as you can see from the other options listed.

There are few services in the modern technical world which can match the level of cyber security which is apparent in cloud-based systems. Due to the fact that they are based solely on the internet, without adequate protection they would be targeted by those with nefarious intentions. Not only will state-of-the-art firewalls be in place, but virtual LANs mean that sensitive client data cannot be accessed by unauthorised parties. Problems relating to malware will not be something that you will lose sleep over, and you can be sure that this will probe to be invaluable. A little-known fact that will also put your mind at ease is that you are capable of integrating bespoke software that has been designed in-house.

Dedicated Server

Should you be someone that has been part of a large corporation for some time, you will likely be familiar with the fact that in order to achieve success, you need to have optimised your online operations. Regardless of whether your firm provides goods or services, your customer base needs to have the ability to easily place orders, without having to endure large amounts of stress and hassle. Unfortunately, this can sometimes prove to be impossible when sharing a physical server with various other companies, as this can reduce your performance capabilities. It is in instances such as these where people begin to investigate the possibility of investing in a dedicated server.

As you may have deduced from the name, this is a service which focuses solely on you. Gone are the days where you are forced to split resources with other websites, which can prove to be detrimental to the manner in which your website performs. Instead, you will have access to a single piece of hardware that typically provides you with unlimited bandwidth, and extensive memory banks. Not only will you be able to speed up your loading times, but it will also ensure that when the time comes to expand, you will not have to go through an awkward transition.

Arguably one of the most prominent benefits associated with these types of servers is the fact that downtime is practically non-existent. In the business world, having a website outage can prove to be catastrophic, as prospective clients may opt, instead of waiting, to take their business elsewhere. This is a fantastic way in which to circumvent this potentially devastating problem. You can also expect to be able to tap into round-the-clock customer support, meaning that any issues that you run into will be resolved in a smooth-and-seamless fashion. Finally, this is a service that is often considered to be the most secure, and this can be attributed to the numerous anti-virus software packages that are installed as mandatory.

Managed Hosting

There are some companies in this country that have invested the time and effort to build-up a proficient IT department, and this can pay dividends in the long-run – their level of expertise means that they can offer guidance on the best ways in which to optimise proceedings. However, the vast majority of firms do not have this luxury, and this can result in poorly managed campaigns which cause more harm than good. Thankfully, there is a way in which to put this issue to rest, and that is to engage in a managed hosting service.

As a case study, let us look at the type of features which you can take advantage of were you to solicit the services of catalyst2. We have been offering managed hosting for a number of years, to great effect. Much of this can be put down to the all-encompassing nature of our coverage. From the moment that you get in touch, you will find that there is very little to do from your side. In terms of backups, we take care of this routinely, and this is designed to minimise the fallout were you to be the victim of a power cut. The importance of disaster recovery cannot be understated, as this can be difference between success and failure.

You can expect your server to be the attention of meticulous monitoring, and this is designed to ensure that it has the capacity to handle heavy traffic at any moment. Thanks to the fact that you are not forced to share, technicans will be able to direct extra processing power should you be inundated with users, allowing performance levels to remain stable. Whilst the number of UK-based companies that can provide this is limited, it is certainly something to look into should you be trying to push yourselves, as a corporation, to the next level.

The intense nature of service means that, traditionally, it comes with a relatively hefty price tag; it is certainly not suitable for a start-up firm that is not operating with much capital. In truth, only companies with major aspirations should contemplate this service. Management contracts are designed to help reap the rewards further down the line, and transform fortunes for years to come.

catalyst2 – Here To Help

After having perused through the list above, you should begin to be able formulate an idea as to which server and hosting option is most-suitable for you and your business. Some of you may be of the opinion that your firm is going through a period of growth, and as such unlimited bandwidth is imperative to achieving your goals. Others could be trying to save money whilst still maintaining high performance, and for this reason be entertaining the idea of VPS hosting. The truth is that there is no right or wrong answer – you simply have to determine which aligns with your business’ goals and objectives.

Have you spent countless hours scouring the Internet attempting to deduce who offers the best dedicated server, only to be left empty-handed in your search? Are you sick-and-tired of being presented with hosting solutions, and need a professional firm to point you in the right direction? To those of you that fall into either of the aforementioned categories, allow us to introduce ourselves – we are catalyst2. When it comes to web hosting services, few can match our prowess in the field. Many regard us to be the home to the finest dedicated servers in the UK.

Aside from the collection of first-class services which we have become revered for, much of our reputation has been built upon the provision of attentive and transparent customer support. Whether it is a dedicated hosting plan that you are after, or you simply need additional disk space, we will do all that we can to ensure that your needs are comprehensively met. If you would like to chat about anything mentioned above, or have a query that you need addressing before starting your journey with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are pleased to inform you that all the information that you need can be found conveniently published on the contact page of our website – we look forward to hearing from you.