Whether you are using your WordPress website like an online shop, forum, gallery or simply as a brochure website for your business, it’s vital that it’s hosted correctly. With many website hosting agencies in the UK, businesses now have endless options for hosting providers, however not all providers include the same service. Therefore, it is now vital that you understand the key components that should be included within a hosting package.

Different Scripting Languages

As we have already mentioned, each website has its individual functions and purposes, which can result in the need for several different scripting languages to be used. This is why it’s vital that your web provider can handle all of the major programming languages, with a few notable examples including standard HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP and various other server-side languages. If your hosting package doesn’t support your required scripting language, then your WordPress website will be unable to load and process correctly, which is vital to reach its audience.

Secure Servers

In order to guarantee the security of your data, it’s vital that your hosting package includes secure and dedicated support to guarantee the protection of your website and it’s data. A vital aspect is to ensure that your website is secure through an SSL certificate, which should be provided for free or for a fee through your hosting provider depending on your requirements.


In the unlikely event of an issue occurring on your website, you will need to use a back-up of your website’s data, which should be recorded and stored regularly. Critical aspects should have back-ups more frequently, for instance, your MSSQL and MySQL databases need a daily backup to keep the latest details and information. Depending on the package and your spending capabilities, you should then look into the opportunity for offsite storage so that they can be used if required.

Raw Log Files

So that you can accurately see who has been on your website, your raw log files will keep track of each user without the need of using the graphs and charts. This is ideal for those who are keen on taking a closer look at the type of requests your site is getting, as well as quickly identifying who has accessed your site instead of waiting for the visual reports to be processed.

Control Panel

Although it’s not vital, your web hosting service provider should permit you access to a remote control panel so that you can administer your hosting whenever required. Just a few components that you will then have access to include updating email addresses, installing scripts, manual backups and managing or uploading files to your server.

FTP Access

If you have access already to your control panel, then you won’t necessarily require FTP access, however, it’s still worth being included within your WordPress hosting plan. Primarily used for secure file transfers, hence the name, file transfer protocol, website owners can upload all files from their WordPress website onto a web server.


In the unlikely chances of an issue occurring, it’s always beneficial to know that your web hosting plan includes dependable customer support. Each provider will include different levels of support, whether it’s over email, phone or live chat, however, you should always feel that your provider is available to support you when needed.

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