The process of trying to find the perfect website hosting company is one which is often drawn out and tiresome. There are various factors which you need to look out for, and it is rare to find one which incorporates all of the elements that you need. Not only this, but all of the firms which you come across will profess to being the ideal fit, which only serves to confound the situation. The fact of the matter is that if you want to achieve a desirable outcome, there are certain questions which you need to pose to these firms during the research stage.

Having been operating as a renowned hosting company for more than twenty years, you can be sure that catalyst2 is acutely aware of the types of things which customers need to be on the lookout for. No matter if you have your heart set upon VPS hosting, or you have determined that dedicated hosting is the best service to invest in, you need to ensure that your prospective provider has the means necessary to serve you for years to come. If you continue your reading down below, you can learn about the questions which we believe are most important to have addressed.

Have they got much experience?

Whilst this may seem like a relatively obvious thing to point out, there are examples of countless businesses which have entered into agreements with hosting providers, only to subsequently discover that their track record is less than exemplary. Before you have even entered into negotiations, ascertaining the amount of experience that the prospective firm has is of paramount importance.

A fantastic case study for this type of situation is catalyst2. In case you didn’t already know, ours is a firm which was formed back in 2000 – this was before many of the hosting providers that you find operating today had even been thought of. The reason that we highlight this is because it demonstrates the need for experience; without this, it can be hard for a company to sufficiently meet the hosting requirements of medium-to-large sized businesses. Companies which have long-standing reputations are easier to evaluate, and thus assess whether they are a comfortable fit for your organisation.

Another reason that experience should never be forgotten about is because of uptime. As the name suggests, this relates to the amount of time that website remains available for, without there being any interruptions or blips. Were your customers to try and visit one of your pages and be unsuccessful, rather than wait it is highly likely that they will turn to a different company to meet their needs. These lapses, then, must be avoided at all cost. The experienced hosting providers will have a keen understanding of this, hence why they excel and are more-desirable than newer options.

Do they have different packages?

Although you may not have previously realised it, there are countless different types of hosting options. Each of these has been tailor-made to be used in certain situations; therefore, if you choose the wrong option, you could see your results slowly-but-surely begin to plummet. The agreement that is best-suited for a start-up company, for instance, will be an ill-fit for an organisation that is trying to become a leader in its respective field. One of the first questions, then, which should be put to your potential suitor is in regards to the packages that they are equipped to provide.

Dedicated servers are arguably the most luxurious service, and once you have delved a little deeper, it is not hard to see why. With this type of hardware, you are not subject to the wants or needs of other website owners. Instead, you have complete control over your site – this not only relates to the amount of power which it is using, but also the bespoke, tailor-made software that is uploaded. The amount of freedom that this type of option presents is second-to-none and is certainly regarded to be a popular choice for firms which have significant funds to use. Though it is relatively expensive, there is no-doubting its proficiency when deployed.

Should you be looking for a cost-effective solution to your need for a way in which to upload your website to the Internet, it could be that an innovative cloud-based hosting service is what you have been searching for. Much of the acclaim that this hosting package has received is concerning its reliability. Being able to call upon resources from communication centres up-and-down the country ensures that concerns about uptime will cease to be an issue. It is incredibly rare for downtime to affect websites that are powered by the cloud, and this can be attributed to the fact that they do not have a physical home. Instead, smaller servers are utilised, making this a cost-effective solution.

Are they skilled in different areas?

The likelihood is that, at some point in your business career, you will encounter faults of a technical nature. Nothing is perfect, and there is always room for something to go wrong, such is the way of life. However, it is not so much the initial problem that causes the most hassle – instead, it is the time taken for a fix to be implemented. If you want your company to consistently be regarded as a success, it is vital that your elected hosting provider can offer a variety of different services. It is in this manner that we here at catalyst2 have been able to become one of the leaders in this harsh and notorious industry – by trying to help our customers in whatever way that we can.

One of the first services that you should enquire about is disaster recovery; whilst this is a relatively new concept, there is no doubting that it is one of the most essential. You could, for example, befall an accident that causes your website to shut down temporarily. During this time, any changes that you have recently made could be lost, which could in turn cause you to lose out on business. Understandably, you will want to try and prevent this from happening. By fostering a culture of reliability, you also give yourself the chance to convince prospective customers and investors that you are a firm to be taken seriously.

If you find a server provider that has been around for an extended period, you can be sure that they will have amassed a wealth of specialist knowledge, and this is something that you can be put to good use. Though perhaps not the glamorous service, there is no denying the potential benefits that can be enjoyed when soliciting the services of a consultancy firm. The information that they offer could be used in numerous different ways. It could be that they point you in the direction of competent website builders, or help you acquire a free domain name that meets your needs. Whatever the case may be, the strategies that they help to implement could be well worth the funds which you part with.

Have they got security protocols in-place?

The online world has faced many problems over the years, but far-and-away the biggest threat that remains to this day is security. Should you be looking for a way in which to entice new customers, you need to ensure that they feel confident in your ability to protect their private information. In scenarios such as these, the most prudent move is to purchase an SSL certificate. In essence, this is designed to showcase the fact that yours is a website which does not contain malware or viruses. There are numerous options that you can choose from, such as Business Wildcard Certificates and Let’s Encrypt Certificates. Whichever you opt for, you can be sure that the results won’t leave you feeling disappointed.

Crime rates have been on the rise recently, and this is particularly evident when you look at the efforts of hackers. The rise of the dark web has meant that more-and-more individuals have access to the knowledge and tools necessary to steal sensitive data. It is for this reason that firms need to be vigilant, and put into the place sufficient protocols which can negate these types of attempts. Whilst relatively simple in their design, web application firewalls have been proven to be excellent at keeping even the most simple websites free from being targeted. By putting this system into place, the days where intruders could efficiently-and-effectively bypass your privacy settings will become a distant memory.

How can we help you?

Due to the competitive nature of the technology industry, it can sometimes appear to be an incredibly daunting task sourcing a hosting company which conforms to your expectations. Not only this, but you have to try and remain within budget, which is easier said than done. Before you enter into a firm agreement, you must have a vision regarding the way that you want your business to operate, as this information will determine the type of web hosting service in the UK that is best-suited to help you. The questions above can be used as a guide, as well as offer some assistance in terms of screening prospective firms. In truth, though, you need look no further for a hosting solution that catalyst2.

Are you part of an organisation that values, aside from top-tier products, attentive and considerate customer service? Have you been entertaining the idea of upgrading to a flexible server, but have yet to find a firm which can cater to your particular needs? Should you feel like either of these statements apply to you, we are pleased to inform you that catalyst2 is here to help. Having amassed extensive experience in this field, it does not matter if you are a small business just starting out or a reputable multinational organisation. Our web hosting plans are not only affordable but also unmatched in terms of quality – if you don’t believe us, we are sure that the extensive list of customer reviews that we have received on Trustpilot will set you straight.

Whether you are interested in switching from your existing WordPress website to one which utilises Magento hosting, or you wish to take advantage of expertise in a consultancy capacity, we would be more than happy to lend a hand. We ask that all questions and queries that you have be directed to us through the channels outlined on the contact page of our website. Subsequently, a customer support representative will be in touch to discuss the various options that we can provide.