For most modern-day businesses, it’s almost essential that they have an online presence so that customers can easily find out more about them. For this to happen, not only will they need a website, but they will also require a hosting provider so that the website can stay online at all times. However, when looking at web hosting there are various options available, however, in recent years, one of the most popular options include VPS hosting.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting, also known as a virtual private server is a further secure environment of a shared hosting environment, though it often imitates the features of a dedicated server.

How does VPS hosting work?

As mentioned above, VPS hosting is a cross of both shared and dedicated hosting. Often this works through a main server or cluster of servers that is then virtually divided into mini servers, all with its own operating environment. This will then allow you to have access to the advanced features of a dedicated package, though at a much lower price.


  • Reliable

One of the principal aspects of hosting is guaranteeing uptime for your website, which can be severely affected depending on the hosting package. With a VPS, you are allocated your resources which can’t be obtained or affected by a neighbouring website within the same server, promoting a reliable hosting option.

  • Cost-effective

Seeing as you are obtaining most of the features of a dedicated server but within a shared environment, you are more likely to save a considerable amount of money as the price of the initial server will still be shared.

  • Improvement of security

As you are operating within your own VPS, other websites within the infrastructure can’t access your files or website data. This is in addition to an increase in overall security hardening protocols, further strengthening the levels of security for your website.

  • Increase in control

It’s also often the case that you will have a greater level of server access compared to a standard shared hosting package. This will then allow you to have the availability for customisable alterations without affecting other websites that are sharing the same server as you, further enabling you to have a customised server that is tailored towards your needs.

  • Scale your service

When looking for VPS packages, it’s also likely that you can scale the package towards your demands, often so that you don’t overspend for your resources. As a result, this enables you to easily increase or decrease resources as and when you need them – but with a shared server you are much more limited.

How we can help

For those that are now interested in looking at dependable and reliable manned VPS packages, look no further than catalyst2, an award-winning hosting provider.

Within our very own manned VPS plans, we completely set up and manage your very own virtual private server ourselves, enabling us to tailor to your specific application and needs. This is in addition to being built on our UK based VMware infrastructure which will further increase the security and management capabilities.

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