When people think of cloud hosting, they often presume that all hosting is shared and all users are within the same network, though as we are about to explain, there is an alternative solution – private cloud hosting

What is private cloud hosting?

Private cloud hosting essentially follows the same fundamental cores as a public cloud system, but with an improvement in particular factors, which will be discussed next. However, for reference, private clouds are often utilised by larger firms that require dedicated, secure and additionally tailored computing needs, which is possible through a private cloud. 


  • Increase security

As the private cloud is set up dedicated to a single client, the whole security system employs the best practices and architecture structure possible, further enhancing the security for the business. 

  • Customisable

Unlike public clouds, which are set up to support several clients, the private cloud can be customised to your specific needs and demands. This includes the dedicated computer, storage and networking components, enabling you to design the most suitable cloud facilities for your demands. 

  • Performance

Additionally, as all of the resources are designed and dedicated to you, your staff will recognise a significant boost in performance, often reflecting on an increase in efficiency and work performance. 

  • Control

Linking back to the ‘customisable’ benefit, private cloud hosting enables the business to maintain full control of the cloud system. This means that any alterations can be conducted in-house without the need to contact third-party developers, further increasing the ability for customisation. Furthermore, depending on the set-up, you will maintain full control of access to the server and the data included. 


  • Managed overheads

Depending on how much money you are willing to dedicate to private cloud solutions, you may end up paying a significant amount of money. This is primarily due to the initial start-up costs for the hardware, but also the costs for maintenance can be a noticeable impact. 

  • Need the knowledge

As most private cloud hosting solutions are set-up within the organisation’s data facilities, it’s required that they have the knowledge and skills to manage the cloud infrastructure. As a result, if the business is adamant about setting up a private cloud, then they must also evaluate whether or not they have the appropriate team to support them. 

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