Next taking place in January 2021, CES is a consumer technology exhibition – the Consumer Electronics Show.

More than 4,400 businesses and inventors use this stage to exhibit their products. Meanwhile, those with an interest travel from all over the globe.

Spread across some of the biggest venues in Vegas, including The Venetian, Wynn Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center, the event is run by the Consumer Technology Association. It’ll take place from 6th-9th January 2021.

Exhibitions cover 2.9 million square feet, attended by more than 170,000 people.

– What can you find at CES?

The first CES took place in 1967. Back then, people exhibited new technologies including the computer mouse. These were brand new and exciting products, shortly followed by VCRs, camcorders, CD players and, in 2001, the original Xbox.

CES is known around the world as the place to go to see the latest technologies. You’ll see brand new gadgets, tools and devices, shown off for the very first time.

Nowadays, attendees will see the latest innovations in 3D printing, artificial intelligence, computer hardware, digital health, drones, fitness technologies, entertainment and games, lifestyle products, robotics and much more.

You can see smart home devices, self-driving vehicles, VR tech and wearables, as well as so many other consumer electronics.

– What could you see at CES 2020?

At CES 2020, interesting exhibits included:

* Vayyar

The world’s most advanced 4D sensor, Vayyar can see through objects. CES 2020 features live demos of Vayyar technology, which could revolutionise car safety and smart home security.

* LumiCharge

LumiCharge LED lights will also charge smartphones and other devices with wireless charging functionality. These lights also have motion sensor technology, wireless speakers and smart voice controls, connecting to the likes of Alexa and Google Home.

* Ficto

Ficto is an up and coming mobile content streaming service. The shows on Ficto are interactive, including game shows that users can take part in. Other types of content include live event streams, and celebrity series where users can control the scripts and decisions.

* YO Sperm Test

A very different type of technology, the YO Sperm Test could change the face of fertility treatments. Owners of the YO device can test sperm motility at home, with a Path to Pregnancy application that could help couples to build the family that they’ve always dreamed of.

* SecureData

For the security conscious, these USB storage devices feature top-level encryption and a keypad to gain access to files. Products include the SecureDrive and SecureUSB, allowing documents to be stored and shared safely away from the cloud.

* The Cube Tracker

Cube’s GPS tracking device can be fixed to absolutely anything, from a pet’s collar to your laptop. If something is lost, other Cube devices will help you to find it again.

The Cube tracker features batteries that can be replaced, and a reliable GPS connection.

– Which big names were at CES 2020?

Featured speakers at CES 2020 included the President of Qualcomm, the President of the American Council on Exercise and the U.S. Secretary of Transportation.

This is your chance to see talks by big names including Terry Crews, star of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and host of America’s Got Talent. Hear the CEO of Unilever, the head of Mercedes-Benz and the President of Samsung, all giving unique insights into the future of their products.

Other big names include the Chief Marketing Officer of Pinterest, actress Mandy Moore and Ivanka Trump. There is a lot of insight to gather, alongside products to see.

– How can you attend CES 2021?

If you want to attend CES next year, you’ll have to be well prepared. Hotel rooms will book up quickly, though they’re in plentiful supply. For the pick of the bunch, be prepared by booking your bed for the trip.

Every year, a detailed schedule will help you to plan your time. Attend big brand media conferences, talks by professionals, themed discussions and product presentations.

– How to get CES tickets

Register online to hear more about CES. Once you’re on the list, you’ll receive updates to tell you when you can book tickets.

Understandably, the event tickets are in high demand. It’s important to make early preparations, if you don’t want to miss your chance to attend CES when it comes to Las Vegas in 2021.