As cloud computing becomes a more widely implemented solution for businesses looking to manage their server load, auto-scaling is growing in importance. Enlisting the help of a specialist service provider, such as Catalyst2, can allow you to ensure a reliable and professionally managed auto-scaling implementation.

What is auto-scaling?

Before you can know why you need it, it helps to know what auto-scaling is. Auto-scaling can be thought of in its most basic form as allocating server resources based on the current traffic load.

So, for example, when your website is experiencing higher levels of traffic you’re naturally going to need more server resources than usual to keep your website online and functional. When traffic levels are low, your resource requirements will drop in kind. Auto-scaling allows this process to be managed automatically.

What are the benefits?

So now you know what auto-scaling is, why should you be interested?

There are many benefits to auto-scaling, the first being that it considerably increases efficiencies across your interaction with the server. Those efficiencies are naturally going to result in cheaper server costs, however, you happen to manage your business server. If, for example, you have an in-house server then auto-scaling will reduce your energy costs by only powering the server(s) to the degree required. If you used a cloud-server service, the majority charge based on usage, so you’re naturally going to be charged less, as you’re using less. As green credentials are of growing importance to all businesses, it’s a step on your way to being more energy-efficient.

Uptime is a consistent requirement for businesses, as customers are increasingly interacting with websites during traditionally “off-peak” times. This means the old fashioned way of manually scheduling servers to shut down at pre-determined times, such as between midnight and six AM, for example, isn’t really fit for purpose any more. Auto-scaling removes this problem by automatically allocating server resources based on the instantaneous load – so it doesn’t matter when the traffic peaks and troughs occur. This prevents your website from being incidentally offline or unable to cope during unexpected usage surges.

Auto-scaling, in short, allows you to operate from a more reactive server that is better suited to handle unexpected traffic spikes, while also gaining efficiencies while periods of usage are low.

Why catalyst2?

Now you know what auto-scaling is, and how it can benefit you, but why should you contact catalyst2 to help you implement it?

Auto-scaling can be a complex process, depending on the nature of your business and the way you rely on your servers. This means that establishing auto-scaling solutions can be a time-consuming and complex process, especially if you are not already intimately familiar with the way servers operate. It can also vary depending on whether you have an in-house server, or you take advantage of external cloud server services.

Contacting catalyst2 and allowing us to oversee the implementation for you allows you the peace of mind that comes with knowing the job has been done properly. We have extensive experience in all aspects of server management, just one of which is auto-scaling, so you can rely on us for a painless integration.

Auto-scaling isn’t something you can just “set and forget” however – it needs active management still to ensure the process is working properly and is having the desired results. This, again, can be time-consuming, and without proper knowledge, it can be difficult to know how to fix any problems that arise.

Catalyst2 can offer you a comprehensive auto-scaling implementation and management program that saves you time and money while keeping your website responsive. Contact us today to learn more.