VPS servers are becoming a more popular choice when it comes to website hosting due to its lower cost and higher security. It has proven a good decision for game markers, programmers, SaaS providers, and companies searching for better hosting servers.

But what does it mean?

In this blog, we will be exploring exactly what a VPS server is, who it is for, how it differs from other forms of web hosting, and what the benefits of choosing a VPS over competitors are.

What is a VPS?

A server is a computer designed to store the information that makes up your website. When a web user searches for your domain name on their device, the server will serve your website to their device.

Standing for Virtual Private Server, a VPS provides devoted private properties to virtual servers. It is itself a virtual operating system housed within its parent server, using virtualisation technology to deliver a dedicated private hosting environment for users.

A VPS is created on a computer or network-connected device (host), a cluster of existing servers, or on a parent server. Like a physical server, a VPS offers similar functions and processes. Although, in actual fact, it is emulating private hardware and functioning like several separate servers.

What is VPS hosting?

Hypervisor is software used in VPS hosting that instigates a virtual layer designed to segment and isolate the servers by laying on top of the current operating system. This forms virtual walls. In the gaps between the walls, users of the server can install their own software and operating system – this means VPS hosting allows for the creation of a server that can be entirely private.

Due to the nature of the VPS, it allows for multiple companies to store their website on the same parent server or host, each isolated by the private virtualisation. This isolation between companies means that users won’t have to share storage or bandwidth (as they do in shared hosting situations).

Furthermore, you will be able to access your website VPS environment on any device and have the opportunity to expand your current storage and bandwidth agreement as your website grows.

What are the benefits of a VPS?

Not only does a VPS mean that you will be able to host your website in an entirely private and customisable server but it comes with a whole host of additional advantages:

• Allows for easy scaling in tune with website growth
• Allows for server backups, keeping your data protected
• Affords a higher degree of security than shared servers because of the virtual walls
• With private storage and bandwidth, you can rely on a trustworthy performance
• While it’s more expensive than shared hosting, a VPS is more affordable than a dedicated server while delivering much of the same value
• With root access and SSH, a VPS puts you back in control of your website
• A VPS allows you to choose your own operating system and features

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