sky-clouds-cloudy-blue-largeWhen a company decides to move company applications and data to a cloud system, it is important to first decide which model to use in order for it to be hosted and distributed.

A private cloud is a secure type of cloud computing which can only be operated by a single company, unlike public clouds, which can be used by multiple organisations. As a result, the private cloud model provides the client with greater control and privacy than a public cloud model.

What is the difference between a public and private cloud?

A public cloud is used by a number of organisations, whereas a private system is used by only one and is tailored to meet their specific needs.

When a private cloud is used, the individual company will usually build the bespoke infrastructure based on their own requirements as well as hosting it on their own server. This differs from a public cloud system as this generally sees the third party service provider make the applications and resources available to multiple businesses by using their dedicated servers.

Advantages of using a private cloud

Secure and private

Although public clouds do offer security, private clouds use a distinct pool of resources which restricts access from unauthorised users behind the company’s firewall, thus providing greater security and making it a wise option for businesses that have sensitive data to protect.

Improved reliability

The creation of virtualised operating environments with a private cloud means it is more resilient to individual failures. Where the cloud is hosted with a third party, the business is still able to benefit from the security provided by the features hosted within data centres.

Greater control

Due to the fact it is only accessible by an individual organisation, a private cloud enables the client to configure and manage it according to their needs, achieving a fully tailored solution.

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