A virtual private cloud provides a secure environment for a company’s shared resources, accessible only by the business and not from a third party. Businesses may use this for a variety of reasons, such as storing (and sharing) data, hosting websites, or running code. Regardless of how it’s used, using a virtual private cloud server to do it yields many benefits for the company. Here is a rundown of how setting up a private cloud server with us can benefit you.

Reliability and dedication

Your own private virtual cloud environment is entirely dedicated to you and your business needs. The performance will not be impacted by the activities of other users like in shared hosting. Many companies like us are steering away from the use of shared hosting and are focusing on dedicated management for improved reliability and uptime.

When you opt for a private cloud environment hosted by us, you rent physical resources entirely dedicated to you. Typically, the resources offered (CPU power and RAM amount) are better than what is offered on a shared plan, giving your virtual cloud more power to handle more traffic and applications.


When you opt for a managed hosting service with us, you are opting for easy scalability. This means you can efficiently scale the hosting resources needed without downtime or other issues. As your business grows, your private cloud requirements do too. It’s important that you are able to scale up these resources as necessary to adapt to your business growth without disruption.

Similarly, if you require less from your virtual private cloud, you should also be able to scale back on its resources to cut costs. With a private hosting container, resources can be allocated and dismissed as required without dismantling your service.

Cutting costs

Cloud computing is typically cheaper than physical infrastructure. In a competitive industry where prices continue to decrease, it makes sense to cut back on costs and take advantage of this. With on-site server facilities, you also require employees who are able to manage it. In-house IT professionals can demand high salaries, and it takes time to find and hire the appropriate people. With a private cloud service, your needs are managed while you only pay fees on a usage basis.

Security and runtime

Your private cloud still needs to operate outside of business hours, and this is where managed services are more than applicable. With a private virtual cloud, your services are up and running 24/7 and any problems that arise are handled without disruption to your business without you having to monitor this yourself.

Security is one of our biggest concerns for hosting a virtual space. When you pay for cloud hosting, you are also paying for ongoing security maintenance with constant updates, alongside pre-existing security measures such as IPS protection and malware solutions. Cloud hosting also offers robust backup procedures, ensuring no loss of data in the event of breaches or other disruptions to the server.


Opting for cloud hosting with us means your server will be running ESXi, a bare-metal hypervisor for VMWare. ESXi effectively partitions and consolidates hardware for higher capacity use, increasing performance and allowing centralized management. ESXi is also not resource-intensive, meaning more of your server’s physical resources can be allocated to your business needs. This hypervisor simplifies administration while maintaining enhanced encryption and security.

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