VMware logoSome of the critical aspects you need to see from a managed hosting platform have to be a high level of reliability and flexibility so that you know you have options to upscale in line with your changing business needs.

Here is a look at what a VMware server solution can offer

Using a VMware servers UK solution means you get the options and business support your company should demand from a managed hosting platform. This way, you can focus on other parts of your business in the knowledge that aspects such as backups, software updates, and firewalling are taken care of.

What can you expect from a VMware platform?

One of the fundamental benefits attached to using a VMware server is that it gives you the advantage of centralized visibility combined with simple but efficient management options that can easily be scaled.

You will enjoy extensibility across a private hybrid cloud, and this is achievable via a single console.

Put simply, VMware offers auto-scaling options and the ability to automate a virtual infrastructure. In addition, it also offers these sophisticated automated options using advanced server management software that is designed to make it as easy as possible for the user to control your options via a centralized platform.

The importance of hardware redundancy

A primary reason why you want to have hardware redundancy incorporated into your managed hosting platform solution is the fact that it offers you what is probably the best way to enhance and improve the dependability of the system.

In basic terms, you can achieve hardware redundancy when you provide at least two physical copies of a hardware component. Creating choices allows you to examine each one and find the best way to incorporate redundancy into your system.

Redundancy is actually an engineering term that is used to describe a process of deliberately duplicating vital components and functions of your system in order to find a way of bolstering reliability.

This is normally achieved via a fail-safe or backup. It is seen as a key benefit to add to your package options because it is an efficient way of keeping downtime to a minimum and offers you the ability to implement a fast and effective disaster recovery plan.

An excellent way to handle app modernization

Another very useful feature that a VMware cloud solution offers is software that allows you to modernise your existing applications and build cloud-native applications.

The relevance of this feature is that you will be able to accelerate the app delivery process and even release software multiple times on a daily basis.

Your business most likely utilizes a plethora of applications and it can be a complex task to build and manage these apps. VMware offers you the sort of application modernization solutions that allow you to stay ahead of the game in terms of future-proofing your business.


It stands to reason that when you are relying on a cloud environment, you want to know that the physical security of the infrastructure is taken care of and protected.

VMware cloud offers robust physical security features, including 24/7 video surveillance and two-factor authentication protocols relating to accessing the dedicated data centres.

VMware works by using dedicated secure networks in order to access the management software used to facilitate the infrastructure.

Code security is another key aspect where VMware offers long-established and strong control measures that are designed to offer maximum protection of applications, object source codes, and programs.

Application and interface security is a key area where VMware has earned an enviable reputation as a hosting solution that delivers world-class security and is viewed as a standard-setter in the industry.

As well as taking care of the management of all licensing and software update requirements, we believe that VMware servers UK-based will provide all of the hosting options you need to grow your business with confidence.

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