Since we switched on our VMware virtual hosting platform 18 months ago we have been working towards partner status, to affirm our commitment to the stability and feature rich vSphere platform. Thanks to a lot of hard work behind the scenes we have now been confirmed as Professional Service Providers, showing our experience in the platform, which is backed up by 18 months of 100% uptime our our virtual hosting platform!

VMware are the market leaders, with a feature rich and mature virtualisation platform that we can leverage to provide reliable and scalable hosting for all our customers, from single sites to mission critical applications we have tens of thousands of sites and applications depending on our platform 24×7.

Virtualisation lets us build a large infrastructure of SANs (large hard disk arrays) and very powerful servers and split this up depending on the customers requirements, meaning we can offer very high end and reliable hardware designed to your needs, brought online within minutes rather than hours and backed by the redundant platform we have created.

While there are hundreds (if not thousands) of cloud providers, many only offer unmanaged solutions based on a multitude of platforms and hardware. We decided to go for only the best, proper SAN’s (Dell Equalogic, not a normal server with lots of disks) with 15K SAS disks, RAID10, and replication to another SAN. For every GB of diskspace we provide on our VMware platform, we actually reserve over 2GB for the primary space and the replica, all backed up offsite on a daily and weekly basis, this means at any one time we have 4 copies of your data!

Dell PowerEdge servers are constantly being added to our cluster (we are now onto the latest 6 core Xeon processors), every server we add increases the redundancy of the system, as should any server fail your machine will be brought up on another server within just a few minutes, helping reduce the need for expensive failover solutions on physical servers.

This investment means we believe our platform is one of the most reliable and redundant available, as always backed up by our 24×7 freephone support and system monitoring! 18 months of 100% uptime speaks for itself….