Transferring your domain – shouldn’t be hard…right?

.com,, there are a multitude of domains extensions all with their own requirements and rules when you want to move between providers.

The basics

When you move host you have two options:

1. Change the nameservers on the domain to point at your new host. This will point the website/email all at the new host, but the domain renewal and registration will still be with the existing provider. So you would need to pay them for any renewals, and also contact them for any changes to the domain in future.

2. Transfer registrars to your new host. This will move the whole domain registration to your new host, so any changes and renewals can be made by them, and all your billing will be in one place.

It depends how quickly you want to move, and the costs of doing so as some registrars will charge a release fee for domains, and there is usually a transfer in fee for .com domains. Do your homework and see which works best for you.

Transferring your domain

The process depends on the type of domain you want to transfer, lets go through the most common 🙂 / /

To transfer your .uk domain you just need to get the existing host to change the ‘IPStag’ on the domain to your new provider, for example our tag is ‘CATALYST2’. Once that has been done (usually only takes a few minutes to process) the new host has full control over the domain and can do everything else for you.

If for any reason the old host won’t release the domain you can contact Nominet to have the domain released, there is a charge of £10 for doing so, but it does save lots of time if you have issues. You can contact Nominet from their site at


These domains have a few parts to the transfer process, and take between 2-7 days to complete a transfer, so if you are in a rush it may be worthwhile changing the nameservers and then initiating the transfer process.

1. The domain needs to be ‘unlocked’ at the existing provider, and they will also need to provide you with the EPP key (also called an authorisation code)
2. Ensure you have access to the ‘administrative contact’ email address listed on your domain, the existing provider can update that for you if required.
3. Provide the domain and EPP to your new provider, they will then initiate the transfer
4. After a few hours you will receive an email to the ‘registrar contact’ email address to confirm or decline the transfer
5. Put your feet up, this can take a few days to complete

Our billing system takes all the details from you and provides regular updates on the transfer process, taking the pain out of the transferring domains, we are also here 24×7 to assist with any queries you have.

One final thought is to always ensure domains are registered in your name or company name, this helps if there are any issues with the domain and you need to prove ownership.

What are the catalyst2 nameservers?

On our cPanel hosting it will be and On our Windows / Plesk hosting it will vary so please contact us for more information.