Web hosting is continuously misunderstood, taken for granted and underrated for the impact it has within the technology world, after all, it’s the fundamental aspects that enable websites to be visible to millions around the world. 

Despite this, there are always people in the industry looking to spread false information, which the team at catalyst2 aim to stop, where their experienced team have created this guide covering the top 6 myths about web hosting. 

What is web hosting?

Before we go any further, it’s vital that you fully understand what web hosting is. To keep it as simple as possible, it’s a service that helps to make your website viewable on the internet through the use of web servers where all of the website’s data, information and formatting. 


  • ‘Web hosting is costly and unaffordable’


One of the very first myths is that web hosting, in general, is costly and unaffordable, which simply isn’t true. In reality, various packages can begin at as little as £2 a month, though this also depends on your needs and requirements. At the end of the day, it’s very costly if they don’t contact a suitable hosting provider, then their website won’t have the capability to reach customers to a sufficient level. 


  • ‘All hosting providers offer the same thing’


No, they don’t. If every hosting provider offered the exact same services, then there would be so few around, which is why there are thousands, as every provider has something to different to offer. Whether it’s additional services, lower prices or a particular guarantee, every provider has its advantages and disadvantages which make them differ from each other.


  • ‘Save money by hosting with your domain registrar’ 


To make it clear, registering a domain is different to website hosting, though some registrars do also offer this service. However, just because it’s an easy option to choose them as you already have purchased on service, it doesn’t mean that they are fitting for your requirements. It’s very unlikely that their packages are that extensive or ideal for larger websites, so it’s best to do your research and find a better-suited provider.  


  • ‘Free hosting is the best’ 


Free hosting is as good as a free trial, which it essentially is. What we mean by this is that you will only be granted certain aspects and features rather than the full potential that a paid version would offer. This is to entice you into purchasing an actual package, where they could potentially upsell additional services if they notice you require specific conditions based on your free trial experience. 

Due to this reason, it’s also easy to diminish the myth that ‘free hosting is always 100% free’. Although this isn’t strictly wrong, as some web hosting can, in fact, be free, it’s unlikely that they will be free forever or will enable you to have full access as mentioned above. 


  • ‘Good web hosts don’t have negative reviews’


Almost every business has at least one or two negative reviews, after all, it’s nearly impossible to please every single customer perfectly. Your first thought likely is to check their overall star rating on notable websites such as Google or TrustPilot, but it’s important to read over what these negative reviews say, as it may be the case that the customer is extremely picky or critical. 


  • ‘Many hosting providers manage their own data centre’ 


Although you would assume that all web hosts will also own and maintain their own database servers, there is also the chance that they don’t. This is because more providers are outsourcing their services to third-party data centres, though this is always never an issue in regards to poor quality, where it’s likely that they can then focus on providing the very best hosting service possible. 

Contact an expert hosting provider

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