positive-feedbackOur recent survey proves that our customers are loving the unique, powerful and comprehensive service that we’re offering them (as well as loving the price they pay for it.)

We asked a range of customers who all use us for different services to tell us honestly how they thought we were doing, and the results were fantastic.


Out of all of the people we surveyed, 93.3% of them said that they felt we offered value for money that was either “good” or “excellent”. We’re able to offer such fantastic rates to our customers because we appreciate that no two organisations’ needs are alike. As a result, we offer a huge range of packages, services and customisation options that make sure you aren’t paying for things you don’t want and are only getting exactly what you need. Furthermore, the range of unique benefits of a catalyst2 hosting platform mean that most of our customers are saving money elsewhere. For example, some of our customers are slimming down their energy costs by hosting their data offsite rather than in their own server racks, while some are preventing missed orders or service downtime by using our dedicated, UK-based support line for technical help and debugging.


Speaking of support, the feedback for that was even more positive, with a huge 97.8% of customers agreeing that our support offering was either “good” or “excellent”. At catalyst2, we believe that good troubleshooting and advice can make or break a business, and so we know we have to offer you the very best. That’s why we offer so many ways to get in contact: for bug reporting or feature requests, we have the option to raise tickets with our engineers, while for technical guidance we offer a vast knowledge base that can guide users through the solutions to their problems step by step.

We know that waiting for hours in a phone queue is frustrating, expensive and takes you away from the work you’re trying to do. For this reason we give users the option to chat with our friendly support team right from within their browser window; a service that has been described as being “fast, responsive and prompt”. This is one of the many reasons that customers have rated us so highly when it comes to the support we offer them.

Personal Referrals

We are also ecstatic to find that nearly 65% of our new customers have been referred to us by personal recommendations from friends, colleagues or other contacts. This is up over 20% over the last 10 years and demonstrates how pleased our customers are with our services, and how keen they are to tell everyone else about them. One customer said that they have been “…using catalyst now for many years and they never disappoint. From complex problems to the simple support questions. The live chat and support they offer is the best I have ever experienced and I recommend them to everyone.”

Overall Experience

However, it goes without saying that our most pleasing result has to be that 97.1% of users rated us as “good” or “excellent” when they talked about their overall catalyst2 experience, with one user saying that they “…cannot fault the experience, sales are easy and support is second to none”. This is a real reflection of the hard work that goes into making every interaction as seamless as it can be while ensuring that the services we offer are cutting edge and industry leading – all at a wallet-friendly price! Thank you to everyone for taking the survey and giving us such wonderful feedback.