When you’re looking to establish a new company, it’s important to have all of your business elements joined up to create that professional look that is going to impress potential customers when they come and view your site.

It may seem a small detail, particularly if you are a new start-up who is testing the water with your business idea, but an email addresses that includes your domain name really does make an impression.

People on the internet these days are inherently suspicious, which is maybe not so surprising when you consider the amount of spam email out there and the flagrant attempts to catch people out and take their money. Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo email addresses are not the trusted items that they once were, and attaching one or more to your business, even if it is only intended to be for the early stages, can really affect the trust of potential customers and whether they purchase from you.

Don’t take that risk, make a bespoke company email address part of your business offering and watch the orders arrive.

Our base level email hosting packages already have one dedicated email address included as standard, but the last thing that you want is to have overflow Hotmail or Gmail addresses for different areas of your company or other members of staff. Happily, we have email hosting packages with multiple emails included as standard for those that need them.

Email only

Want to start conducting your business but don’t have your website sorted yet? Then one of our email only hosting packages would be your ideal solution. All of our email accounts are fully accessible on mobile devices and come with fast and efficient support to solve any issues that you may have.

What’s more, once you have your website up and running as you want it your email only hosting can easily be migrated to one of our all-in-one packages.

Make sure that your business makes the right impression with professional email addresses from Catalyst2.com. You can get in contact with us to discuss your needs by calling 0800 107 7979, emailing sales@catalyst2.com or using the live chat feature on our website.

POP/IMAP/Hosted Exchange

There are a number of different email options, POP email accounts, IMAP email accounts and Hosted Exchange. The differences are:

POP – this is the quick and standard email account, it is cheap and simple but has the problem that is doesn’t work particular well when used across multiple devices.

IMAP – this is a grown up version of POP – it works much better across multiple devices however will use up more space on your web hosting package as all emails are stored on the server

Hosted Exchange – this is the king of email accounts. With 25GB as standard and allowing not only your emails but also your calendar, contacts and tasks be synchronised across all devices this is the enterprise email solution.

Not sure which one is right for you? Feel free to get in touch and we can help you out.