Emails are now considered as one of the most used forms of communication, not just for individuals, but also for businesses. However, most users opt for free versions of email hosting services, which are good, but these aren’t ideal if you are looking to boost your business image. Fortunately, several hosting businesses provide email hosting services, which is why we are going to explain the importance of email hosting for businesses.

What is email hosting?

The short version for email hosting services is an internet hosting service that operates email services, primarily for businesses, but also for individuals. These are typically offered personalised or set packages, where you would obtain a selection of perks from the provider in addition to the email hosting service.

The key features

  • Customisable email address

The primary reason why email hosting is used for businesses is to create customisable and consistent email addresses. For example, you can create a consistent theme of username @ domain name layout, which is ideal for businesses to establish trust.

  • Increase in storage space

Depending on who you use for free email hosting, you may run out of storage space which is unlikely to occur with paid email hosting, This is because one of the main features is that you will obtain dedicated server storage space, enabling for you to have more space for emails, documents and more.

  • Security

Although it’s not a legal requirement for providers to secure process emails on its servers, it’s always beneficial. Fortunately, almost all paid email hosting providers include security and spam filters, which is key for businesses to guarantee protection.

Why every business needs email hosting

  • Establish authority and trust

As mentioned previously regarding the customisable email addresses, they are one of the very best approaches to establish authority and trust for any businesses that use email. This is because they can make the domain name as their business name throughout all of their emails, further increasing the trust between client and business.

  • Safety and security

As emails are becoming one of the primary mediums for business communication, there is a significant wealth of personal and private information that is continuously being transferred online.

For businesses, professional email hosting will mean that all emails will now be protected and much more secure compared to free services. Often this means that the emails will become encrypted, whilst also helping to block spam.

  • Can save costs

Yes, you are paying for these services, unlike a free hosting plan, but the alternative approach to obtaining these advantages is to arrange the email hosting yourself. In order for a business to carry this out, they would need a physical server for hosting purposes, as well as needing the staff that is capable of managing and updating the server on a regular basis.

  • Tailor-made plans

Once you are signed up with a professional email hosting provider, you are more than likely going to have the opportunity to customise the plan to your suited needs. This is ideal if you are expecting to expand over time, as you can increase the demand and capacity of a particular aspect if required, whereas, with a free plan, it’s unlikely that you can obtain more than what is already available without paying.

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