It can often be difficult for small businesses to expand and evolve within their industry when they lack the substantial funds and resources that are at the disposal of larger corporations. However, there are certain measures that your company can implement, such as email hosting, which are cost-effective and which will yield substantial long-term results. Therefore, if you have been considering updating your company’s digital infrastructure but do not know where to start, listed below are some of the reasons that an email hosting service may be ideal for you:

1. Customisable plans to suit your needs

As your start-up business continues to expand and evolve, your email hosting needs will change. By investing in a professional email hosting service, your company can be supported by an organisation which recognises these needs and which will provide you with adaptive services that will accommodate all your business demands as your company continues to grow. From increasing your storage space and mailing list capacity to enhancing your IT support and mobile device capabilities, an email hosting service can continue to be tailored in the short term and in the long term to suit all of your individual business requirements.

2. Dependable up-time

On average, in-house email services can experience 53 minutes of unplanned downtime per month. During this time, employees are unable to access important business documents or collaborate with customers and fellow staff. A few minutes of downtime can be incredibly costly for small businesses as it can cause consumers to become disenchanted with your company and to take their custom elsewhere. Fortunately, the majority of email hosting services offer their clients up-time guarantees due to the fact that all of your company data will be hosted using their secure data centre infrastructures.

3. Malware and spam filters

Did you know that out of the 69 billion spam messages that are sent each day, roughly 2 billion contain malware? Moreover, during a recent email hosting survey, it was revealed that 67% of the security breaches investigated occurred within small organisations with less than 100 employees. Consequently, it is becoming increasingly important for start-ups and expanding businesses to implement comprehensive internet security protocols to protect their company data. This is where email hosting can help. By implementing a professional email hosting service within your current business model, your company can benefit from comprehensive anti-spam and anti-virus filters that will ensure your confidential information is safeguarded at all times.