The internet is an amazing place to buy and sell products, advertise your business online or provide useful information.

However the internet can also be a dangerous place and these days people are more cautious about visiting certain websites. Companies such as Google are also trying to clamp down on these bad websites by requiring that all websites that load in their browser (Chrome) to have a compulsory SSL Certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is something installed on your website to secure the connection between our server and the computer used to browse your website. You’ll know if a website has an SSL certificate because it will have a padlock on the address bar.

Having an SSL installed on your website not only secures the connection between us and the person browsing your site, but it also instils confidence in your business to your customers as they will also know your site is secure.

Do I need an SSL?

Now that Chrome marks all websites who do not have a SSL as ‘unsafe’ it is recommended that you arrange for an SSL to be used on your website.

We offer a number of industry recognised SSL certificates that are used to secure your website and its sub domains. The process is simple for our standard business class SSL’s and can be setup the very same day.

What type of certificate do I need?

There are different types of certificate available and these range from Let’s Encrypt and business class SSL’s to Extended Validation certificates. The type of certificate will depend on your website requirements. If you’re not sure about this please do let us know.

We offer the following certificates:

  • Let’s Encrypt – They last for 3 months at a time and can be used for smaller, personal sites
  • Business Class SSL – Our most popular SSL and is perfect for almost ALL websites which last for 1 or 2 years
  • Extended Validation – This type of SSL is ideal for larger businesses and bigger online shopping sites
  • Wildcard SSL – Wildcard SSLs allows you to secure not only the root domain but also other sub domains too.

So how do I get one?

To order an SSL for your website just go to the following link below or call us on 0800 107 7979. Alternatively you can email our support team where we would be happy to help set this up for you.

Order My SSL

Not sure which SSL to purchase or need further details?

No problem, get in touch with our friendly support team who are on hand to help. Just call us on 0800 107 7979 or send us an email to Alternatively you can get in touch via Live Chat through our website.