In todays’ world we rely heavily on access to our emails, whether for business or personal use. Webmail – that is using a web site to access your emails, is a handy way to check your mailbox without setting up additional software on your computer or device.

We offer a number of different options when it comes to webmail, and these range from Roundcube, Horde, Mail Enable and Squirrel Mail. You may have seen these when you access webmail from your control panel.

The end of Squirrel Webmail

Squirrel Mail has been a popular choice for customers for over  10 years due to its simplicity and ease of use. However at the start of 2019 cPanel will no longer offer Squirrel Mail as a webmail choice.
The reason for this is due to the lack of development of the software. Since its last release over 7 years ago there have been 4 versions of PHP which have been depreciated. This is an issue since Squirrel Mail is no longer actively supported and this causes problems for security patches and fixes. This is not something we are keen on as we proactively ensure our infrastructure is up to date as much as possible.

What about other webmail offerings?

We know there will be customers who use Squirrel Mail as their daily source of emails but we do offer a number of different Web Mail applications on both our Windows and Linux services. For Linux, many customers often favour Roundcube due to its simplistic design and ease of use. Windows customers tend to use Mail Enable as their choice.

Find out more about our webmail software below:


For those who manage a large quantity of mail we recommend Horde, this is a feature rich program which handle large amounts of email when deleting or moving.


Roundcube is another program which has been around for a good while. Its simple interface makes it ideal for those wanting to check their email without the bells and whistles offered by other software.

Mail Enable

For those hosted on our Windows servers looking for a very good all-rounder, Mail Enable is an excellent choice. It is feature-rich, has a great design and is in constant development. It has a calendar, appointments, contacts and basic spam management.


Although Squirrel Mail is being discontinued there are many other choices for accessing your email easily online. Plus you can also setup your email on any device such as your computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

Need a hand setting up your device or accessing webmail?

No problem, get in touch with our friendly support team who are on hand to help. Just call us on 0800 107 7979 or send us an email to Alternatively you can get in touch via Live Chat through our website.