web hostingAs well as helping your with your hosting problems, Lee is also our resident Metrologist! So as soon as the winds change he usually gets questioned as to why….with the temperature dropping so much this week, well, we have been bombarding him with questions.

So here is Lee’s explanation for the current cold snap, and apparently its not so unusual….


‘Believe it or not it’s not that odd getting snow so late in the season, did you know statistically speaking London has a higher chance of a white Easter than a white Christmas!\

What seems to be happening in simple terms these last few winters is the Atlantic is generally weaker than it used to be. At the moment you’ve got High Pressure out in the Atlantic that isn’t strong enough to hold back a ‘spurt’ of energy being pushed South out from the Polar Vortex – which is happening way to our North, just to the East of the North Pole.

The Atlantic will hit back soon though and sadly it’s left too much warmer maritime air over us down South for us to see any Snow from this little spell ‘

There you go, hosting and weather, what more could you want for a Wednesday afternoon!