At catalyst2 we want to ensure we are delivering a fast and secure infrastructure for our clients, with this in mind, we recently completed some significant planned upgrades. Continuous improvement is central to everything we do at catalyst2 and also part of our commitment to ISO 9001. We recently upgraded our VMware infrastructure by adding new powerful nodes, these were 3 times as powerful as the nodes they replaced. The primary purpose of this update was to support the continuous growth of our platform and we are planning to initiate more VMware upgrades within the year. Last week, we also completed a comprehensive network upgrade which more than quadrupled our external connectivity by replacing our routers and upgrading our external connections.

Why is our VMware upgrade important?

VMware is a crucial virtualization and cloud computing platform that allows multiple virtual machines to operate on a cluster of physical servers. Upgrading our VMware infrastructure delivers benefits to existing customers of more computing power and provides additional capacity that allows us to continue to grow our customer base. Newer servers also have the impact of a lower carbon footprint and therefore less environmental impact.

Our VMware platform has high availability built in and continually upgrading our infrastructure is important for our disaster recovery plans.

Why are Network upgrades important?

Network upgrades are essential in offering customers a better experience with our infrastructure. The recent network upgrades have significantly expanded our capacity to the outside world as well as ensuring we still have multiple redundant connections to the rest of the internet. As a result, we can accept much more traffic, particularly useful during busy period for our customers e.g. Black Friday. The update was swift and secure and completed during a few minutes of scheduled downtime.

You can read more about our infrastructure on our website.