The use of cloud storage has significantly increased over the last few years, and there is a good reason so – it’s a highly convenient and cost-effective solution. For this reason, it has now been developed so that it is a suitable hosting option for web servers, where a wealth of hosting providers now offer cloud hosting plans to its clients.

With that being said, there are more than just one solution, where public cloud and private cloud hosting are available to choose from, but which is better? 

A brief overview of public cloud hosting

As the name insinuates, the resources within the cloud which is being hosted via several virtual machines around the world will be shared on a public hosting environment, meaning more than one user will be sharing the resources at once. As you can imagine, this can limit the server’s resources available, though this is a reflection on the lower costs to use the cloud. 

A brief overview of private cloud hosting

Private cloud hosting is much more intense, offering a higher level of performance, resources and support – often reflected in the higher price. Due to this reason, it’s favoured by companies that are looking for a hosting platform that is smooth to use, whilst also being accessible at all times.  

The costs

Starting with comparing the costs, it’s pretty obvious what the difference is. Due to the nature of public cloud hosting, where all of the resources are shared, the overall price to maintain cloud computing will be distributed accordingly based on your requirements. Whatmore, several other factors such as setting-up and maintenance will also need to be taken into consideration, all of which will increase the price.

Due to this reason, private cloud solutions often work out as much more expensive, as all the points mentioned above such as the set-up, maintenance and all else will need to be paid for by the private cloud provider. 


The flexibility of web hosting is one of the most crucial parts of most hosting solutions, as this can influence whether or not a business uses the hosting provider. For instance, standard cloud hosting can be considered good if you aren’t requiring a wealth of resources, as you don’t need many to function, but this isn’t ideal if you expect large sums of web traffic.

In this case, private cloud hosting is much more suitable as the resources that you are using can be scaled for your exact needs. When you are planning on setting up the cloud computing servers, you can choose how you wish the resources you will need to allocate, as well as considering the factor you won’t need to share the resources with others. 


Keeping your website and its data safe & secure should be one of your priorities as a website owner, which is why you will be pleased to hear that both public and private cloud hosting offer suitable security options. Looking at public options, you will be using the same security protocols as every other user on the cloud, which might sound unsafe, but if the hosting provider is serious about their services, they would have implemented the very best security possible.

In regards to the private cloud, this can be seen as much more secure, but only if it has been set-up correctly. As you will be in charge of the whole server, you will be responsible for guaranteeing the security protocols are set-up and maintained correctly otherwise all of the security flaws come down to them. With that being said, they have been proven as much more secure, though this does differentiate on the set-up process. 


As we have brushed on several times already, the maintenance factor is also a large difference. If you haven’t gathered, there is little to no maintenance with public cloud hosting, as this is all included within the costs of using their services. On the other hand, private cloud hosting can require a wealth of maintenance to guarantee ongoing results, where most of this depends on the quality of the set-up. 

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