When it comes to browsers, we’re no longer confined to the often unpopular Internet Explorer. Google Chrome paves the way for the future, although the plucky trailblazer that is Firefox had a big hand in how the modern world changed its browser habits.

In the past, we would simply double click and visit our favourite sites, before being ambushed by swarms of adverts and left victim to not knowing which sites were rife with malware and other predatory online vultures.

An explosion in plug-in types changed all that and so much more.


AdBlock and AdBlock Plus are modern essentials for the browser-savvy. Keeping unwanted pop-ups at bay and making your screen clutter-free, these popular additions help prevent accidental clicking on links to sites of ill repute.

WOT (Web Of Trust) is a simple traffic light system that illuminates the path to stress-free searching. Green, yellow and red colours serve as clear warnings, letting you know if a site is trustworthy or safe for children. A true must for anyone who is in the business of research, this nifty plug-in will rate lists of search results.

NoScript Security Suite is a little more complex to explain, but it’s among the best free security plug-ins you’ll ever be offered. Blocking access to those little hidden dangers that lurk in the most common of pages, it lets you have the first say as to what gets let in. It can take a little getting used to, but it beats disheartening anti-virus scan results.


Eyesight not what it used to be, or do you just want to jazz up your screen? There are simple plug-ins for these matters. Revel in a beautiful motif or simply enlarge the toolbar buttons – there’s so reason why your browser can be tailored to your tastes and needs.


DownloadThemAll! is Firefox’s accelerated download manager. Increasing speeds and offering easy to use pause and resume functions, it will bring peace to the life of the most active downloader. Elite Proxy Switcher will allow you to access sites with regional constraints, letting to keep up to date with news and videos.

These examples are but a taste of what is on offer to you. Visit your browser’s main site for easy access to a multitude of plug-ins that will boost your online experience.