At the end of last year, we did are annual survey but we have been rather busy so have only just got round to posting about it. We thought we would let you know the results and also the next steps.

97% of all respondents considered the overall experience with catalyst2 to good, very good or excellent. 56.1% of the overall rated us excellent.

99% of all respondents rated our support as good, very good or excellent.

61% of people have come to us through personal recommendation.

We have lots of great feedback, the key action that we have come away with is that customers you want additional resources for their shared hosting packages. So, we are pleased to announce that in the next few months, we will be increasing the resources on our shared hosting packages to deliver you more bang for your buck.

A few of the other comments we received during the survey:

“Just carry on doing what you do so very well”

“The service provided by catalyst2 is absolutely first-class and truly sets you apart from the competition. Keep up the good work!”

“The customer service is second to none, exceptional.”

“Your service has been exceptional. I have used many hosts. Many are terrible. Some are good. Catalyst2 has been the best. Although I could have done it myself, I really appreciated you moving the site and database over to Catalyst2 hosting for me.”

“Very happy with the service, pleased as punch”

“Would highly recommend, and, in fact, have done. I always use Catalyst2 if I can when setting up other peoples websites. I use Catalyst2 for both my main job with a national charity, but also with the small company I have setup for myself.”

Thank you for all the support, we very much value your business and we are determined to keep on delivering the best possible service for you and your customers.

All the best,

The catalyst2 team