What is managed hosting?

Before discussing the potential gains of managed hosting, it is worth examining what its function is. If you opt for a managed hosting environment, your provider will be responsible for the components of the hosting including the data centre, network, operating system, devices and applications. This ensures a more stable operating environment for your apps, as the provider has control over the business processes involved. It is the perfect solution for companies that simply do not have the time or resources to manage their own dedicated server and the upkeep that comes with it.

The first notable benefit of managed hosting is the freeing up of your own IT resources. With your hosting provider taking care of the maintenance and running of your server, your in-house team are able to place focus elsewhere, like offering support to customers. Your provider is also likely to offer around-the-clock support, as they usually have their systems monitored on a 24/7 basis to guarantee the best service levels and uptime. This is a benefit particularly relevant to new start-ups where the IT support level has not yet had the chance to gain footing and experience in dealing with problems that might arise within the infrastructure.

Managed hosting companies also have the ability to invest in the services they offer – as well as implementing new and more powerful systems. With your servers in the hands of a managed host, you are more likely to be privy to updates and vital system upgrades quicker than if you handled your own server infrastructure. With state-of-the-art data centres continually expanding and making use of top technologies, managed hosting is a sure-fire way to reap the benefits of enhanced performance. Along with this expertise comes the ability to customise your hosting package according to your needs. Far from offering a ‘one size fits all’ solution, you will have your own tailored service depending on the needs of your business.

Another lauded benefit of managed hosting (and one that is particularly felt by smaller businesses) is a reduced cost. Managing your own in-house infrastructure means a range of capital expenditure and multiple hidden costs that you may have not been aware of. A managed host deals with all of this in one fixed cost, leaving you more time to dedicate to what matters most – your business.