Businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries are leaning towards managed cloud services. In January 2020, Gartner predicted that adoption to the cloud will continue to grow, and it is.

Moving to the cloud has many distinct advantages, so let’s take a look into the world of managed cloud hosting. First of all, what does managed cloud hosting actually mean?

Managed cloud hosting

Managed cloud hosting, often referred to as managed cloud computing, is a process that provides businesses and organisations with the ability to share resources. These resources include hardware, software and databases, which are accessed via a secure remote network to multiple servers located in different places. Managed cloud hosting enables you to rent portions of a virtual server or an entire virtual server depending on your business needs.

Here are some key benefits any business can take advantage of when moving to a managed cloud hosting environment.

Cost savings and efficiency

Moving to cloud infrastructure means that you can significantly reduce your CapEx spend because there’s no investment required in purchasing and maintaining expensive equipment. As a managed cloud hosting service, we look after the cloud operations, so there’s no need to employ in-house IT teams to manage this either. It’s all delivered and looked after using our expert knowledge and support. Downtime is also quite rare with cloud operations, which means that there’s no potential risk of losing sales while trying to fix service issues.


Security is a concern for all businesses, with cybercrime and data breaches on the increase. Our managed cloud hosting facility guarantees advanced security features, so you know that your data is being handled sensitively and securely and is being stored safely. As cloud storage providers, we have numerous protections in place for all platforms. Any data that is processed is encrypted and requires authentication and access control.


All businesses have different technology requirements. A large organisation employing more than 1000 employees will have different needs to a fledgling business. Using managed cloud hosting enables a business to scale up or down at any time, depending upon the demands of the business. Therefore, a managed cloud-based solution is the perfect option for businesses that have fluctuating bandwidth requirements. If your business suddenly requires an increase in bandwidth, we can easily adjust your cloud capacity. This agile capability offers a distinct advantage over your competitors, who may not have invested in the cloud. Scalability is easily one of the greatest advantages of the cloud.


Our managed cloud hosting service makes effective use of redundancy for ensuring that there is reliable fallover protection. The servers and storage area network (SAN) have automated resource balancing in place. This means that our cloud servers remain consistent and resource balancing and fallover between hardware hosts is managed at virtualisation level. We also use virtual local area networks (VLAN), firewall protection and an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) in order to effectively deliver a highly protected and efficient environment.

Managed cloud hosting can be complex

We have the knowledge and expertise to put in place a hybrid of virtual and physical servers, combined with numerous applications that are linked to robust database engines. They will all share a dedicated network with our cloud servers, which results in the creation of a virtual and physical server world all sitting on the same system.

Our managed cloud hosting service can be delivered as a contract on a monthly charge, or it can be extended for much longer periods of time. It offers security, safety and dependability, much the same as private cloud hosting, but so much more cost effective. At your disposal, you’ll have high performance resources with professional solutions and better still, there’s zero upfront investment. Contact us today to discuss your needs and we’ll open up the world of managed cloud hosting to you.