For most start-up companies, particularly those that receive normal amounts of internet traffic, a shared hosting plan is ideal. However, for a larger business, especially those that host huge amounts of data and are more resource intensive, a dedicated server might be a better fit. Below we discuss some of the benefits making a switch to dedicated servers can bring, and why it’s such a good option for ecommerce sites that want to take it to the next level.


As we mentioned, shared hosting is an ideal fit for most vendors, but if you want a little extra reliability, more cost effective data storage, and some extra processing power, consider making the switch to a dedicated server. By partnering with us and taking advantage of our award-winning hosting services, you don’t have to share a server with anybody but yourself. In short, this means all those resources will be yours for the taking. You have sole control of the server, and can even use the extra resources to boost your site’s up-time, if you wish.

Unbeatable support

If you decide to take advantage of our services, dedicated servers won’t be the only thing you have access to. Our team of technical staff is also standing by, ready to offer you help and support. With our rapid response times and exceptional customer service, we can help you resolve problems quickly and with minimum fuss. Our trained professionals will offer you advice and information, as well as help you troubleshoot common issues, tweak server settings, and even perform other functions to help ensure your website stays up and running.

Storage solutions

For a lot of small and medium sized businesses, storage space is always at a premium, so keeping a dedicated server on the premises is an impossible dream. Moreover, servers need a lot of maintenance, have to be kept in carefully regulated, climate-controlled environments, and away from moisture. When you sign on for a dedicated hosting plan, you receive all the benefits of a dedicated server without the added worry of having to find a place to store it in your home or office. The hosting company will also ensure it is kept running at peak efficiency, regulating temperature and environmental conditions, so you can concentrate on running your business.