The World Wide Web is moving on. IPv4 has served us well, but it’s time for a new system, IPv6, and catalyst2 can provide dedicated servers that support it. If you are thinking of changing, it’s time to weigh up the benefits.

IPv6 is, quite simply the future of the internet. IPv4 cannot support the amount of people and devices on the internet; in fact, it can only cope with four billion separate, 32-bit addresses. So parts of addresses are now reused on a routine basis. Basically, you end up sharing an internet address with other people.

The new system offers 128-bit addresses meaning there are 340 trillion, trillion, trillion potential addresses, which should keep the whole world moving for some time to come. Essentially it is building internet real estate that will provide space for us all for years. IPv6 also offers a raft of new features, including autoconfiguration. Essentially this allows a computer, tablet, smartphone or other device to generate its own IPv6 address as soon as it powers up.

Using a ‘local link’ means there is no requirement for more infrastructure. With a matched router, the device can generate both a local and globally routable address, which gives instant internet access. With each device getting its own address, too, the IP address could actually become a significant communication tool in its own right, you could actually contact people via their IP, something that does not happen right now.

IPv4 simply could not cope with the applications that can now be considered a reality. The Internet of Things, for instance, has been held up largely by the internet’s inability to cope with the surge of demand for IP addresses. IPv6 fixes that issue.

IPv6 presents a world of opportunity to big and small businesses alike, especially big businesses that require vast numbers of IP addresses to implement; for instance, media streams for large numbers of people. Even small businesses will feel the benefit of shifting to a more advanced internet, though, and we have dedicated servers that can handle IPv6 and put your business at the head of the class today.