There’s nothing quite as frustrating as your blog or website encountering some sort of problem! Whether it’s your personal blog or your company website, your site going down, being hacked or running painfully slowly is a huge inconvenience. So for those of you with WordPress based sites, here are some quick tips to help you keep things running smoothly on your website.

1. Specialist WordPress hosting

Hosting with a company that specialises in WordPress hosting means you’ll be in good hands. Plus, if you have any hosting problems, you’re likely to be speaking to people who’ve encountered the issues plenty of times before!

2. Keep on top of your updates

Does it seem as though there is an endless stream of updates when you log in to your WordPress dashboard?

It can be annoying, yes. But those updates exist for a reason. Keeping up to speed with WordPress platform updates, plugin updates and theme updates helps to reduce any risk of security breaches on your website.

3. Back up regularly

If the worst happens and you need to restore your website, you’ll want a recent clean version to restore with. Good WordPress hosting companies will be able to advise on or even provide back-up services to help in cases like this.

4. Speed it up

For your users, a slow and laggy website will be frustrating and it can often send them running. Good WordPress hosting is half the battle with site speed on this particular platform, but there are other measures you should be taking too. Don’t upload images that are much larger than necessary and consider one of a number of plugins designed to speed things up for you. Site speed plugins will help to compress files and handle caching to make things speedier for your users.

5. Security Plugins

The use of specific security plugins (of which there are many on the market) can help you to both prevent and detect security issues on your website. If you’re not sure which plugins to go with, download directly from WordPress and check the reviews.

There are plenty of tools online that let you check your website’s speed. Keep an eye on it and make sure you’re aware of any sudden spikes.

WordPress is an amazing, simple to use content management system. And by just implementing some of the tips here, you can ensure your site runs more smoothly!