You have recently created your new website for your business, but now it’s time to ensure that it’s online and secure for your customers to use – which is why it’s vital to begin the search for dependable hosting providers. With many web hosting companies in the UK, there are endless hosting plans available and it’s key to find a suitable hosting provider for your business, but how do you identify the most fitting provider?

The aims of your website

One of the most important aspects to consider includes the overall intention of your website, as various web hosting providers offer plans that are tailored towards specific businesses. With a large number of websites now being built on WordPress as brochure websites, there is not a significant need for a highly intensive web hosting plan.

This will then influence other specific requirements that you need. For instance:

  • Scripting language
  • Diskspace
  • Data transfer
  • Domains
  • Emails

Shared, Dedicated & VPS hosting

When you are looking for a hosting provider, you will need to consider the type of hosting you will need, which all depends on your website’s intentions and traffic.

  • Shared hosting

If you are a small to medium business, shared hosting is ideal as it’s a cost-effective approach that offers minimal hosting capabilities. This is because the website is hosted within the same server as other companies, which although is cheaper, there are limitations in terms of server resources to ensure everyone gets a good experience.

  • VPS

A virtual private server is a next-level hosting service as it provides users with independent dedicated support whilst remaining within a dedicated server. This means you will receive additional performance, increased security, complete server access and few restrictions compared to a shared host.

  • Dedicated servers 

For websites that experience high levels of traffic, then a dedicated server may be the most suitable option. Unlike the other two plans, you will have complete ownership and control of the entire server, meaning parts of the server will be shared with other people.


When looking for web hosting services, you should always take into consideration the costs. A significant amount of the overall cost depends on the type of server, as previously discussed, however other factors will also influence this. It’s important to consider your required support and performance, as well as your intentions and goals so that you use a provider that is capable of handling your website to the highest level for a reasonable price.


Despite everything on the face of your website being secure and protected, the technical aspect of your website will need to be completely secured. This primarily depends on your server hosting type, as other components fall under your security consideration.

  • Website backups  

All of your data and information from the website should be regularly backed-up to preserve the data and keep it as a reference in the unlikely event of an issue with your website. The most recent backup can then be used during a restoration in order to preserve the most recent data and view of your website.

  • SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate will present to customers that your website has taken into consideration the handling of all personal data, as the SSL will encrypt valuable data and information between the server and the browser. There are a range of SSL certificates available with varying costs and benefits associated with them.

  • Monitoring 

All web hosts should be operational 24/7, as the website should always be operational day and night, but it’s also vital to ensure that your website is also being monitored around the clock. Whether this is through human monitoring or specialist tools, it’s vital that your website and server is regularly maintained and has a top-quality uptime guarantee.


Whether it’s through a live chat, e-mail or over the phone, you should always check that the hosting provider has a dependable support team available to help when you need. Especially if your website is the point of sale for your business, it’s vital that your hosting account holder has swift response times and has the resources and expertise to assist with any issue that occurs – such as Catalyst2.

Here at catalyst2, we are one of the most reputable web hosting companies in the UK thanks to our team’s knowledge and understanding to provide world-class web hosting plans that often exceed customer expectations.

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