E-commerce is fircybersecuritymly embedded in shopping habits the world over. Whilst growth in online transactions provides huge opportunities for retailers, it is accompanied by an ever-present threat. The regular exchange of card details and customer data online increases risk of fraud and therefore requires protection. Addressing known risks helps to eliminate the possibility of data leaks or thefts occurring within your site. A recent announcement from Google (source) details their plans for addressing the problem of insecure sites.

How to protect your customers

Customers place a great deal of trust in the companies they transact with, often relying on unseen security measures and assuming their details are safe. As Google seeks to label all HTTP sites as insecure for credit card and password collection activity from 2017, it will soon become easier for customers to judge a site’s security. Only sites using HTTPS SSL certificates will be given a secure rating from Google.

Ahead of the changes next year, this is a great time to invest in enhanced security for your customers. By obtaining an SSL certificate for your site, you can provide a safer online shopping experience. With the trusted padlock symbol in place, customers will feel comfortable and well-informed when making a purchase through your site. Financial institutions already use the HTTPS padlock to reassure customers of the safety of their online services, and this has helped to raise public awareness of site security.

How to get ahead

As well as delivering clear benefits for customer security, Google is expected to give preferential ranking for HTTPS sites. Before the ‘non-secure’ site labeling begins, there is a competitive advantage to stealing a lead on everyone else. Once SSL certification has been awarded, customers can be advised of the upgraded security measures that will protect their interests. This communicates that your site is trustworthy, which is attractive for customers and prospects.

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