In this digital day and age, it is incredibly important to have a website. Regardless of which industry sector your business falls under, having an online presence will directly influence your success by providing you with the opportunity to reach more prospective customers. More so than ever before, digital marketing is something that no business should overlook. 

When it comes to setting up your own website, you will need to decide which type of server will be best for your business. Simply put, a server is essentially the home of your website. Without a server, you wouldn’t be able to run your website and people wouldn’t be able to visit your web pages. Nowadays, there are a number of different server options available for businesses, from shared servers and flexible servers to cloud servers and VPS servers, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to this website essential. 

Amongst the many different types of servers available, one of the most sought-after remains to be dedicated servers and they are often the first choice for businesses looking to improve their online presence. Dedicated servers stand out from the crowd for a number of reasons and they are undeniably worthwhile considering for your new website. 

What is a dedicated server?

As the name suggests, dedicated servers are a website hosting solution that is dedicated to one business. When you use a dedicated server, you won’t have to share the server with any other websites and you will have all of the resources to yourself. Commonly, people associate dedicated server hosting with large websites that experience high traffic, but they can be just as advantageous for other types of websites too. In terms of physical servers, there really is no other alternative that comes close to a dedicated server. 

It is worth noting that dedicated servers are more expensive than other server solutions, but this is their only shortcoming. Dedicated hosting plans will be seen as an investment by many businesses and more often than not, this type of server hosting will positively impact profit, especially for e-commerce businesses. 

The advantages of dedicated server hosting 

There are countless reasons why dedicated server hosting is so popular and it is no surprise that it is regarded as one of the best options available in today’s technical world. Not only can dedicated servers provide you with outstanding levels of processing power and memory capacity, but two of the main reasons why they are so high in demand are; 

Improved performance

Regardless of whether your website runs complex software and/or programs, you can still expect great performance from dedicated servers. Due to the fact that you won’t be sharing the server with several other websites, it won’t be splitting its resources and you can benefit from everything it has to offer. This in itself will impact things such as; page loading times and the uptime of your website, so it is undeniably one of the biggest advantages of this type of server. 

Due to the fact that your website is an extension of your business, how well it performs will have a direct impact on your reputation and the improved performance that dedicated server hosting offers is essential. Having a well-functioning website, no matter how much traffic you experience, will help to ensure you’re being perceived as a reliable and trustworthy business, resulting in you not losing out on potential customers to your competitors. 

Highly secure

Safeguarding your website couldn’t be easier when you have a dedicated server and not sharing the server with other websites can significantly reduce the risk of potential cyber threats. When you routinely process transactions and transfer sensitive data via your website, dedicated server hosting can provide you with complete peace of mind that all actions occurring will be kept confidential and secure.

Enhancing the security of your website on a dedicated server is really straightforward too and you have the ability to install numerous firewalls and anti-DDoS protocols, preventing any worry in relation to cyber-security. It is incredibly common for dedicated server hosting companies to provide automated security updates as well, so you can rest assured knowing that your customers’ private details won’t fall into the wrong hands. 

Things to take into consideration when choosing a hosting company

When you begin your search for a dedicated server provider, there are a few important things to take into consideration before making a final decision, including; 

Hosting reputation

Not all hosting companies are made equal and they won’t all provide the same high-quality service. Ultimately, the reputation of a hosting provider is incredibly important and it is highly unlikely that the best dedicated server will be found at a poorly rated company. Take some time to read through a hosting provider’s testimonials from past clients, this will give you an insight into what you can expect when hosting your website on their server. 

Don’t forget to check the uptime of a hosting company too. It is always recommended that you choose a provider that can offer you, as a minimum, 99% uptime.

Support services 

There is a high chance that you may require some professional assistance during your time hosting your website with a provider and, for this reason, it is essential that you look at a company’s support services. Should you ever encounter difficulties, it is beneficial to know that you have around-the-clock assistance and finding a hosting company that provides you with a dedicated account manager and 24/7 customer support is definitely worthwhile. 

Cost of hosting 

Of course, it goes without saying that price is something you will need to take into consideration when choosing the best dedicated server hosting for your website. As mentioned above, this type of server tends to be more expensive than other options, but you shouldn’t simply settle for the cheapest provider available in an attempt to save some money. Always compare what you will actually be getting for your money when choosing between hosting packages. 

Generally speaking, package pricing will be influenced by the resources provided, such as; the number of CPUs, the amount of RAM and the size of the diskspace, amongst other things. 

Managed options 

You will notice that some companies offer managed dedicated server hosting and many businesses will agree that this is worth opting for. Having someone manage the server for you is incredibly useful, especially if you have no experience in this regard, and it will guarantee your server is getting the meticulous attention that it requires. Not to mention, managed options take everything from setups to backups off of your hands. 

How can catalyst2 help with dedicated server hosting?

When searching for managed dedicated server hosting in the UK, be sure to explore the rest of the catalyst2 website. As one of the UK’s most effective and efficient web hosts, you can rely on us to provide you with the dedicated hosting you require. With a comprehensive range of hosting packages to choose from too, you won’t struggle to find a solution that meets all of your business’s individual requirements, whatever they may be. 

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At catalyst2, customer service is incredibly important to us, so not only is our website hosting based in the UK, but our support teams are too. No matter when you may require professional support with your website, a member of our expert team will be on hand to help and for our dedicated customers, we guarantee a five minute response time to any telephone query 24/7. We won’t bamboozle you with technical jargon either and we pride ourselves on providing a service that is completely worry-free.

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