VMware logoUsing cutting-edge technology, cloud hosting is the latest way to ensure a flexible and high-quality hosting service and is becoming increasingly popular amongst many businesses.

How does VMware cloud work?

The simple concept of a VM cloud is the creation of a cloud computing platform. This involves several servers being connected to the internet. In general, making use of cloud hosting allows a business, whether they are already established or just starting out, to be flexible and scale their tech support in line with their growth. For example, server power can be increased or decreased depending on demand, current and future projects, or growth potential of the business.

What are the benefits of using VMware cloud?

• Effective backup systems

One of the main benefits of using VMware cloud is that the system is fully redundant. Therefore, if one part fails, the system can continue to operate, saving valuable time and resources. There is always a second server waiting to take over in the case of a problem with the initial one. Although most hosting solutions offer a similar promise, when it comes to cloud hosting, the backup systems are designed according to their own software, making them much more effective.

• Lowers costs and less waste

Moving to cloud hosting is also a way to optimise costs and resource management. Despite the method being lower cost, it also enables a faster delivery service, making it highly beneficial in numerous ways. As mentioned above, allowing businesses to fluctuate the resources they use at any given time ultimately reduces costs, as their resources are never going to waste.

• Easier to collaborate

VMware cloud is fantastic for allowing teams to collaborate on their workflow and share documents for access or editing at any time. It also increases productivity as updates can be made as they happen, meaning communication between team members is never lacking.

• Fast cloud migrations

Businesses often find that moving large amounts of work to the cloud can take a long time, and most cannot afford to take downtime while this takes place. With VMware cloud, migration is faster due to the ecosystem of applications pretty much remaining the same. Organisations who are already making use of VMware cloud have found that they can migrate hundreds of VMs over a few days, needing almost no downtime.

• Better security

Data security is becoming an increasingly important issue for many businesses. By using VMware cloud, you can access your data even if something happens to your laptop or another machine. You can also easily wipe data from laptops if it ever falls into the wrong hands.

What is a managed public cloud?

A managed public cloud involves a third-party provider, who works with your business to monitor and maintain cloud usage. If you want to take some of the pressure off, a managed public cloud can be a good idea. Your managed provider will take care of any IT functions that aren’t managed in house, allowing you to focus on these. By using a managed public cloud, you can get the most from your server, with almost no hassle. Some examples are AWS (Amazon Web Services), the scalable public cloud solution from Amazon, and Azure, from Microsoft. Browse our website for more information on this.

Is it easy to move to cloud hosting?

Migration to the cloud is seamless and simple, and by using a cloud server provider, you’ll have assistance transferring any files over from your old platform. If you’re interested in VMware cloud, contact our friendly and professional team at catalyst2. We offer expert and dedicated support, helping your business seamlessly move to the latest hosting technologies.