Here at catalyst2 we have been awaiting the release of Enkompass by cPanel to replace our current  HELM windows control panel. Finally that day has come and we are proud to be offering Enkompass on our redundent VMware hosting platform. Get all the benefits of the cloud, with an easy to use control panel supporting the very latest windows hosting features:

– Fully clustered hosting platform, your site is setup on multiple servers and requests balanced across them
– IIS 7.5 and the latest and greatest .net features (MVC2, .net 3.5SP1, use all the newest features available in IIS7)
– Restart your application pools from Enkompass
– Smartermail for reliable email and easy to use webmail features
– User friendly control panel, based on cPanel
– Consistent user interface between our Windows and Linux hosting
– We are cPanel partners giving us priority access to support

We are just putting the finishing touches to our signup procedure, which should be completed in the next few days, until then you can find out more at

Our HELM platform will continue to run and be updated, but we aim to add all new sites to our Enkompass system, as always if you have any queries let us know!