Dedicated servers are becoming an increasingly popular solution for businesses that are looking for enhanced reliability for their websites or applications. With dedicated server hosting, businesses have an entire server dedicated to their needs, providing them with full control and flexibility over their hosting environment. 

Unlike shared hosting, where multiple users share the resources of a single server, a dedicated server provides access to all of the resources, including its processing power, memory, storage and bandwidth. This makes dedicated server hosting an ideal choice for businesses or individuals with high-traffic websites, complex applications or specific security requirements. Not to mention, dedicated server hosting allows for customised configurations, which can be tailored to meet the unique needs of the user. 

Despite the many benefits of this type of server hosting, there are still many misconceptions surrounding it. Below we have listed some of the most common misconceptions we hear about dedicated server hosting and explored the truth behind them.

Dedicated Server Hosting is Expensive

One of the most common misconceptions about dedicated server hosting is that it’s expensive and an unaffordable option for lots of businesses. While dedicated server hosting is generally more expensive than shared hosting, the cost has decreased significantly in recent years. Many hosting providers now offer a variety of pricing plans that cater to different budgets. At catalyst2, our prices start from as little as £99 per month for dedicated hosting services. 

More often than not, the benefits of dedicated hosting, from improved reliability to enhanced security, outweigh the added cost too. Lots of businesses consider dedicated server hosting to be a good investment and they will happily pay slightly more for this type of hosting, especially if it’s fully managed and proactively monitored, so they don’t have to do anything themselves. 

Dedicated Server Hosting is Only for Large Businesses

Another very common misconception is that dedicated server hosting is only suitable for large businesses with high-traffic websites or applications. There is no denying that this type of server is hugely beneficial for businesses with more complicated websites that experience a lot of traffic, however, dedicated hosting can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes. 

Dedicated servers offer improved performance, increased control and better security, which can benefit any business looking to improve their online presence. With a variety of packages available to choose from, it’s easy for smaller businesses to find a hosting solution that meets their needs, so they won’t be paying for more RAM or Diskspace than they need. 

Dedicated Server Hosting is Only for Websites That Require Lots of Resources

Following on from the last misconception, while dedicated servers often have higher resource limits, they aren’t solely designed for websites that require lots of resources. They can also be beneficial for smaller websites that require around-the-clock availability. This type of server provides the reliability and flexibility that most modern businesses need. Dedicated servers can start small and grow as a business dictates too, providing a long-lasting solution. 

Dedicated Server Hosting Requires Advanced Technical Knowledge

Some people believe that dedicated servers require advanced technical knowledge, making them difficult for non-technical users to manage. While it’s true that dedicated hosting requires more of a technical understanding than shared hosting, especially when it comes to customising the server, most hosting providers offer managed hosting solutions. They can provide comprehensive technical support and server management. 

Managed hosting is an ideal option for any business that doesn’t have the technical expertise required to manage their own server, allowing them to focus on running their business. A specialist support team will manage the migration from the existing servers, proactively monitor all aspects of the server and install any required applications. They can help to ensure the dedicated server is working as it should be and nothing is left to chance. 

Dedicated Server Hosting is Only for Websites

Another common misconception is that dedicated server hosting is only for websites. This type of server is frequently used for websites and most businesses will have a website that they need hosting, yet dedicated servers can be used for a variety of other applications. From video streaming services and social media channels to data storage services, dedicated servers are very versatile. These servers are ideal for applications that require high-performance hardware and reliable connectivity, and they shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Dedicated Server Hosting Provides Guaranteed Uptime

While dedicated servers do provide improved reliability and uptime compared to shared servers, they don’t automatically guarantee 100% uptime. The hosting provider you choose will play a huge role in the network performance and not all providers are able to offer 100% uptime. It’s crucial to ensure this is something you enquire about when choosing a hosting provider. 

The hosting and network infrastructure, server maintenance, security features and many other factors will all impact the likelihood of downtime. When a dedicated hosting provider offers a 100% uptime agreement or guarantee, you can have peace of mind that your website will always be up and running, and you won’t have to worry about costly downtime. 

Deciding Whether Dedicated Server Hosting is Right for You

It’s fair to say that dedicated server hosting is a powerful hosting solution that provides businesses with improved performance, increased control and impressive security. Hopefully, the information above will be beneficial if you’re currently trying to decide which type of server is best for your business. Now you know the truth behind these common misconceptions, you can make informed decisions about your web hosting needs. 

Remember that while dedicated hosting may be more expensive than shared hosting, it can provide significant benefits that outweigh the additional monthly cost. Not to mention, managed hosting solutions can provide technical support for anyone lacking technical knowledge and they can take the pressure off in-house teams. It’s undeniably worth exploring dedicated hosting packages in more detail for your business’s website. 

Searching for UK Dedicated Server Hosting?

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