catalyst2 are a managed hosting provider and are known as one of the most trusted names in UK hosting. We pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly company, and this extends far beyond good intentions. As part of our efforts to become more eco-conscious, we are active supporters of many climate positive projects. One of the recent projects which we supported was a mission to deliver clean drinking water to the people of Haiti.

Haiti earthquake

This project focuses on greenhouse gas reducing water purification in Haiti. A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti in January 2010. This resulted in over $8 billion dollars in damage and an estimated 300,000 deaths. Unfortunately, many people in Haiti still lack proper sanitation and clean water. The aim of this project was to help 2,580 families, by delivering 250 million litres of clean water to their homes.

This is a 10-year, Gold Standard project which catalyst2 is proud to support. By introducing zero energy clean water filter technology, the project aims to reduce wood fuel consumption which is used for domestic water treatment. The project seeks to decrease GHG emissions traditionally used to boil drinking water, which is the consumption of biomass for wood fuel.

The project

This project is delivered by NativeEnergy, in partnership with Pure Water for the World. Using Hydraid water filters, a simple and effective household water filter will be put in place, that will work for the next 10 years or more. This filter uses slow sand technology which is centuries old, to remove up to 99% of pathogens from the water. This verified carbon project provides long-term community benefits, delivered with accountability and rigour.

Impact of the project

Safe drinking water means that communities spend less time away from work or school due to illness, and also save money on medical costs. This project aims to tackle the challenges that come with the carbon dioxide emissions produced when burning wood for boiling water, as well as find solutions for growing poverty and poor health.

When families have access to clean drinking water, they are less likely to contract illnesses. Furthermore, the reduction of burning wood indoors means less air pollution, improving the health of the population. For children under the age of 5, clean water and air are especially important. This project reduces deforestation associated with sourcing wood to burn, which helps preserve biodiversity and saves animal habitats. It also means that families spend less time looking for firewood.


NativeEnergy monitors all aspects of the project’s implementation. From the quality of the filtered water to the usage rate of the filters, and the amount of water that households consume. Furthermore, the project follows the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s protocol.

Support from catalyst2

catalyst2 have a real commitment to protecting the planet, and therefore we aim to be climate positive and support the sustainability agenda. We have a genuine concern for our environmental legacy and want to show that as a business we look towards the future. A lot of our work is focused around ‘clean’ tech, as we help clients find cleaner ways they can do business. As a team, we rely on the latest equipment to practise waste reduction and energy efficiency. This means that we offset more carbon than we emit, and therefore we proudly add ‘carbon positive’ to our sustainability credentials.

At catalyst2, we can provide the internet infrastructure you need in an eco-friendly way. For more information, contact us today.