A job well done is its own reward – however, it’s nice to be noticed and appreciated for the hard work you do. As such, catalyst2 is proud to announce that we’ve reached the finals in two categories of the 2019 ISPA Awards!

The ISPA Awards

The ISPA Awards is the largest awards ceremony for the UK internet service provider industry. As technology continues to play such an integral role in the way we all live and work, internet service providers are under more pressure than ever to excel in every aspect of their service. The awards have a very clear goal – recognising excellence, no matter the size of the service provider.

2019 has been a competitive year, with a very strong field. There have been hundreds of entries, whittled down by the judges to just sixty-six nominees across the twelve awards categories. 2019 isn’t all about the good, however, as the Internet Hero and Internet Villain is open for public voting. Back by popular demand, it’s the public’s chance to vote on their best and worst internet service providers.

So, what has catalyst2 been nominated for?

The catalyst2 categories

We’re proud to say we’ve reached the finals in no less than two categories. Given the sheer quality and scale of the competition in 2019, it’s an honour to even reach one final. But to reach two highlights our commitment to providing excellent service to our customers. Here are the awards we’re hoping to win, and why.

Best Hosted Provider

Hosting is our business, at catalyst2, and everything we do is geared towards providing our customers with the best possible hosting experience. It’s something we take very seriously because hosting is the backbone on which websites are built and businesses are operated. A website that suffers from poor hosting is going to be inaccessible to customers, which damages the brand as well as costs sales.

To reach the final of the Best Hosted Provider category tells us, and you, that we’re going in the right direction and that our service is an integral part of the way our clients operate. Our customers literally trust us with their business, and it’s a trust that is absolutely sacred to us. It’s also a testament to the versatility of our hosted services, as we’re a provider able to cater for any needs.

Best Customer Service

Customer service is something all businesses should strive for, but it takes serious effort. You need to be willing to go the extra mile for your customers to make sure they’re getting the service they deserve. Sometimes it can be difficult, as you may have to confront your failings head-on every now and then, but it’s something you simply have to do if you want to establish that all-important customer trust.

To reach the final of the Best Customer Service category is a complete honour, however, we couldn’t pretend it happened without the effort. At Catalyst 2, customer service is our priority at all times.

The finals

We’ve reached the finals of these two categories, however, there’s still one more hurdle left. The winners of the twelve categories will be announced at the Sheraton Grand Park Lane Hotel, in London, at a July 11th gala ceremony.

Whatever the outcome, it’s catalyst2’s privilege to continue providing gold standard hosting services to our customers – that is always our guarantee.