Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers clients a comprehensive range of tools to backup files and data in the cloud, with security and cost efficiency being central to what Amazon has on offer in terms of business tools. AWS even has a host of built in governance-focused features to help ensure your business is compliant with any regulations.

Backups of files can be done on AWS in a variety of ways, whether that’s tape replacement or database backup. First, let’s start with tape replacement.

For some organisations, tape backup is important if you’re to ensure data protection and the smooth running of applications – but this can be a costly and time consuming process. Using AWS, you can effectively backup your tape data as a Virtual Tape Library (VTL) or you can deploy Amazon S3 to retrieve and store data from just about anywhere. If you’re looking for a long-term solution over months, years or even decades, Amazon Glacier would be the option for you. Glacier provides you with options such as vault lock which will keep you compliant of archiving requirements and will allow you to access your data within a few minutes to several hours. Organisations often have to retain data for extended periods due to regulations surrounding their industries, which can be a costly process when setting up all the hardware necessary for data retention and as the amount of data increases. AWS will help with cutting costs in data retention and the platform has all of the tools needed to ensure data is safely stored.

Next, let’s discuss file storage using Amazon Web Services. Amazon has a host of options such as Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) as well as Amazon CloudWatch. Amazon EFS is a durable service that offers users the chance to back up their files and data. EFS can automatically copy data from one Amazon EFS file system to another, and it can even backup on-premises file systems to the cloud. With CloudWatch and Lambda, you can automatically define and deploy backup schedules – ensuring that your files are always backed up.

CloudWatch can be used for collecting and tracking statistics and to monitor log files, set alarms and to react to any changes in your AWS resources. CloudWatches ability to monitor your online workplace in this manner makes it a very efficient and handy tool to have at your disposal.

On top of all of this, AWS also has offerings of Relational Database Services (RDS) which allow you to set up, operate and scale a relational database – all from within the cloud. The service uses technology that allows you to recover your database to any time point during the backup retention period.

On the whole, Amazon Web Services has on offer a comprehensive range of tools to help you shape your business. From data management and storage all the way to file storage and developer and coding tools, AWS has it all. And it’s much more cost efficient compared to storing all of the data on your own servers and databases.

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