One of the many excellent solutions that we can offer you here at catalyst2 is our AWS management. AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and it is a scalable public cloud that we can help you to set up, manage, monitor, maintain and grow. We have years of experience working with different servers and hosting solutions and can offer you the advice and support that you need to make the most of our AWS and boost your internet presence. We can even fully manage them; read our post to learn more.

Understanding AWS

AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and used cloud platform. It has more than 200 fully-featured services from centres around the world. This means that it’s an excellent choice for millions of customers, from fast-growing start-ups to well-established enterprises; even some governing agencies have harnessed the power of AWS. It is an agile, innovative and affordable solution and with the help and support of our management team at catalyst2, you can benefit from every element of this service.

Why Choose AWS?

  • Offers Incredible Flexibility

AWS is designed to work for a range of different businesses and this versatility is beneficial for the many people who use the service. No business needs exactly the same thing from their online presence, so being able to create something that has been specifically tailored to you is ideal. With AWS, you have the opportunity to choose the right operating system, programming language, web application platform, database and other services that you might need. These are the things that will really help to create that perfect internet presence, allowing you to scale up the solution that you need for your business. 

Part of this flexibility comes in the form of scalability, so if you’re a small business with big dreams, then this is the service for you. You can start with a small hosting package and scale it up when needed, so you’ll always have the capacity for new customers. Even more importantly, AWS is a great choice for those who have seasonal customers. If you see a significant increase in the number of visitors that you have to your website at a certain point in the year then you can always scale up your service and scale it back down again when the season changes again.

  • A Cost-Effective Solution

There are a number of different solutions available that help to create the perfect online presence but AWS is arguably one of the most cost-effective. You only pay for the compute power, storage and other resources that you might use. When you work with us, this will all be included in our management cost, so you don’t have to worry about paying multiple companies. Even with our management fee added on, it is still one of the most cost-effective hosting solutions, especially considering just how much you’re getting from the service. 

  • Amazing Reliability

The scalability and reliability of this infrastructure are first-class. The service was developed from Amazon’s online business model. This is a multi-billion dollar business that has been developed and honed for over a decade. So you know that you can rely on the service to meet all of your needs in the short and the long term, which is ultimately what you’re looking for in a web hosting platform.

How Can catalyst2 Help?

While AWS is an excellent platform on its own, we can make it even better. We’re here to help you set up and manage your AWS infrastructure to meet your business needs and goals. We know this service inside out and we have the knowledge and experience to help you through all of your concerns and ensure that you’re making the most of this superior service. But how do we do this?

  • We Can Help you to Optimise your AWS 

Our team of experts can offer you our advanced technical skills and experience to offer you something that is dynamic and reliable. We can make sure that the AWS applications that you set up are future-proof and fault-tolerant. The results of this optimisation are unmatched on any other platform. We can even help you to move complex, multi-tiered applications over to the AWS cloud platform, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

  • We Offer Management and Support

Once you’re set up, we can help to keep your system working hard for you, ensuring that you’re not only skimming the possibilities that this system offers. We work closely with you, so you’re always in the loop, knowing exactly what is going on with your system. Not only does this mean that you have our support, but it can ease the pressure somewhat. With our help, you won’t need to employ a specialist or put more pressure on your existing system because we can manage it for you. You and your employees can focus on other parts of your business, boosting your productivity and increasing your annual profits. 

  • We Can Help you to Scale Up

If you’ve been using AWS for a while but need help supporting the growth of your business, then we can help. We can offer you a service that will help to expand, grow and support your business in the future. We understand that as your business gets bigger, you’ll be placing more demands on your online presence. So, we can help you to monitor and measure the changes to the demands on your business before helping to update the system. Our management team will also be informed and they can help you to continue to support your business through these changes. 

  • Provide Data Protection and Ongoing Security

A big concern that many people have when it comes to their online presence is keeping their customer’s data as safe as possible. This is especially important because of the increasingly strict EU data protection regulations. So, if you’re concerned about this, we can help you with the vital service to ensure that your data is protected and properly backed up. 

Would you Like to Speak to One of Our Consultants?

If you’re interested in finding out more about our AWS management services or the benefits they offer, then you should contact our team today. We’ve been providing high-quality solutions for more than 20 years, and we would be delighted to help you find the right solution. Our goal is to ensure you have the right service; we offer a full consultation to understand exactly what you need.