Green HostingAt catalyst2 we are concerned about our impact on the environment. The focus on environmentally conscious companies extends to consumers too, with 44% of UK shoppers preferring to buy from companies aware of environmental issues. Recognised as a staple of good practice, organisations are showing that they care about the world outside their immediate concerns and focus on long-term effects.

At catalyst2, we extend out ethical awareness beyond paper policies and good intentions. We decided to take on realistic sustainability goals as a managed hosting provider, cutting down on waste and energy use by using up-to-date resources and innovative thinking. Our practices extend beyond our four walls, partnering with external projects in our mission to become a carbon-positive organisation.

Our forest plantation project in Uruguay is the latest in a long line of work, and we’re excited to tell you all about it. In this post, we’re going to dive into the specifics of the project and show how you can get involved through our climate positive hosting.

What is afforestation?

So, you’ve probably heard of deforestation. The United Nations estimates that around 420 million hectares of forest have been lost since 1990, damaging biodiversity and leaving 20,334 tree species in danger of extinction. As horrible as this sounds, there is a solution.

Afforestation refers to the establishment of forests where there weren’t any previously. This method of eco-preservation can help rejuvenate land damaged by overuse and erosion while preventing traditional deforestation. A significant benefit of afforestation is carbon sequestration, where trees process carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and store it as biomass in trunks, roots, and foliage.

What are we doing to help?

One of the projects we’re focusing on at catalyst2 is a forest plantation programme on degraded grasslands in Uruguay. Overseen by the Rainforest Alliance, its goal is to convert 21,298 hectares of cattle grazing land to sustainably managed forestry over 60 years. In the process, it will sequester 7,644,973 tonnes of CO2 and sustainable harvest timbre every 22 years.

Upfront, these projects cost $17–72 billion, and maintenance requires $164.8–259.5 over their lifetime. However, one forest plantation has the potential to produce $2.1–3.4 trillion over its lifetime.

With certification from the Verified Carbon Standard and the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard, the project also supports the local community. By supporting sustainable development over an extended period, it will improve Uruguay’s biodiversity, soil preservation and rural development.

How can climate positive hosting help?

As the average person in the UK spends 24 hours online per week, and the average website produces 1.76g of CO2 for every page load, you could be impacting the environment without realising. If your company uses online services and is concerned with its environmental impact, then consider switching got a catalyst2 server. We go beyond your carbon neutral business as a carbon positive company. Through our projects, we offset more CO2 than we emit and invested in the future of eco-conscious technology.

catalyst2 is a part of a conglomerate of worldwide organisations, committed to positive climate action. We firmly believe that our steps today are vital in undoing decades of damage to our environment. So, we started practising what we preach by creating climate positive hosting. We provide managed servers and web hosting that don’t cost the environment.

Plus, we offer more than eco-conscious ethics. At catalyst2, we bring 20 years of business experience to our award-winning service, with 100% uptime and ISO 9001 and 27001 certificates.

For more about our eco-conscious company ethics or our web hosting plans, please get in contact with us today.