In the modern world, you would be foolish to underestimate the important role that your website has to play. No matter the industry that you find yourself in, you will notice that more-and-more of your competitors are turning to online methods in order to improve their chances of making a profit. This can provide you with potentially unlimited sources of revenue, particularly if you are able to ship your products far-and-wide. Before you get carried away, however, you need to take your server requirements into account, as these will dictate how successful your website is.

Servers, in essence, are what keeps your website up-and-running. When someone tries to access your site, the request will be processed by the server. If you don’t invest in the correct one for your particular website, the outcome will be one that causes you to not only lose business, but also money. With twenty years of experience under our belts as server providers, catalyst2 is well-suited to walking you through the different options that you can choose from. Hopefully, this should give you a better-understanding of which server you are suited to, and give you the motivation to press forward.

Dedicated Server

If you were to take a poll regarding the servers that are currently most-popular, the results would almost-certainly point in the direction of dedicated servers. Despite the hefty price-tag that they carry, businesses routinely flock to providers for these types of deals – when you inspect the finer details, it is not difficult to see why this is the case. Never-again will you need to monitor the amount of data that is stored on your website, for fear that you will run out of memory. Having a dedicated server carries a large number of benefits, and we guarantee that it will change the way in which you utilise your website.

When you become more-advanced as a firm, it is more-than likely that you will start developing tailor-made software that can enable your website to run in a smoother fashion. Not only this, but you can put animations and other visually-impressive videos on your various pages, which will certainly help to improve your level of professionalism. However, if you thought that this was the biggest selling-point of a dedicated server, we are here to tell you that this could not be further from the truth.

Should you be trying to find a server solution that, to all intents and purposes, guarantees you uptime around the clock, you cannot disregard investing in a dedicated server. These are renowned for the fast loading times that they facilitate – it won’t take long for your customers to begin raving about the ease at which they can use your website. With a variety of safeguards installed as well, including numerous firewalls and anti-DDoS protocols, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you can store your clients’ private details without the risk of them falling into the wrong hands.

A lesser-known fact about dedicated servers is that more-often than not, these services come equipped with a representative. This individual will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of your server, which significantly reduces the amount of responsibility that is resting on your shoulders. Naturally, if this is your first foray into the world of servers, you won’t yet have the knowledge required to expertly operate your server. This is why having access to a first-class specialist is something that will prove to be invaluable time-and-again.

Cloud Server

When it comes to joining the technical revolution, a great way in which to go about this is to enlist the help of a server provider that is well-versed in cloud computing. Initially, this was simply a movement that looked to try and improve the way in which data is managed and shared. However, there has been substantial progress since this initial idea, to the point where it is now possible for websites to be hosted via cloud servers. From a reliability standpoint, these have no-equal; these packages make it possible for you to make-use of servers dotted across multiple locations, making downtime a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, the cutting-edge nature of cloud servers have meant that myths and rumours are constantly in circulation – these are spread by individuals that do not totally-comprehend the way in which they work, and prefer to overlook cloud-based systems in favour of more-traditional options. Case-and-point, some people believe that due to the fact that these systems are reliant on the Internet, it is easy for criminals to gain-access if they have the right tools at their disposal. This statement, we are pleased to inform you, has no basis in reality. In actuality, cloud servers are regarded as some of the safest around, with wave-after-wave of security measures implemented for your peace of mind.

In some instances, you will be looking at different servers as a way in which to reduce your outgoing expenses. There may have been budget cuts, or you could have overstretched yourself on an important marketing push and have therefore needed to scale-back your spending on a temporary basis. In this regard, a cloud-server will come as something of a god-send. With no physical single server to take care of, the money that you are forced to spend on maintenance and upkeep will be drastically reduced. When you are concerned that your finances are a little too-thin, but do not want to have to sacrifice your website’s functionality to rectify this, we are sure that you will agree that cloud servers are in a league of their own.

VPS Server

An acronym for Virtual Private Servers, VPSs are slowly-but-surely starting to get the appreciation that they deserve from the business community. In the past, shared servers were lauded for their affordability, but this was at the cost of reliability. These would routinely crash, and cause your website to develop a bad-reputation amongst your audience. This is a situation that you want to try and avoid at all costs. It was scenarios such as these that prompted the development of VPSs. Whilst you are still sharing a server, there is specialist software that is used to separate each individual website. Anyone that was harbouring concerns in relation to how this could impact your search engine results needn’t fear anymore. Regardless of the content that the other websites have, it will have no-bearing on your scores, meaning that you are free to do as you please.

In the same way that you can reduce your outgoings by putting your faith in a cloud server, the same can be said for adopting a set-up that incorporates a VPS. You, along with the various other firms that you are grouped-with, share the responsibilities surrounding maintenance. As time goes on, you will bear-witness to the incredible savings that can be enjoyed through this. Case-and-point, when a replacement part needs to be sourced, or technical updates need to be paid for, you all take responsibility for a small aspect of this.

VPS servers are routinely praised for the way that they can easily be altered and tweaked in order to better fulfil your needs, and there is a lot to be said for this, There are not many servers that can be scaled in such a short space of time, yet VPSs are adept in this department. When your website is experiencing something of a lull, your power output will be minimal – the visitors that you do get won’t be subjected to prolonged waiting times, and you don’t have to panic about the electricity that you are paying for. Similarly, if you are going through a purple patch, you can use the control panel to divert power almost-instantaneously. The flexibility of this package is something that you will grow to depend upon – of that, we are certain.

Flexible Server

Any business that has experienced the misfortune of being left without a server at a critical moment will undoubtedly tell you that this is not a situation that they will want to repeat in the near future. You can only imagine the level of stress that is caused when this type of eventuality comes to light. Say, for instance, you have been preparing for months on-end for the release of your brand-new product, which is meant to elevate your firm to the next level. Suddenly, you can no-longer rely on your website to boost sales, subsequently causing your investments to be rendered useless. Whilst it may not be the most well-known type of server, the fact remains that a flexible server deployment could prove to be the solution that you have been crying out for.

As you would expect, this is an option that is designed to be convenient for you – rather than be tied into a long-term contract, you can determine how long you need the server for. In some cases, this could equate to nothing more than a few days. Perhaps you have arranged a deal with a new provider, but their coverage does not begin as soon as you would like. Should this occur, a flexible server will be able to essentially bridge the gap. In case you were wondering, you will still be able to take-advantage of the usual security protocols that are in-place, meaning that your website will not be susceptible to hacking. With an account manager in your corner ready-and-waiting to provide support as-and-when you need it, there is very little about flexible servers to complain about.

Need Some Assistance?

If you were under the impression that the choice of server for your company didn’t matter, guess again. Whilst a flexible server may suffice for a smaller firm that is still trying to find its legs, the chances are that it won’t be able to cater to the needs of a multinational organisation. To try and obtain the best-possible results, you should try to look for a server provider that is vastly-experienced, and can advise you on the course of action that you should take. If this sounds like an appealing avenue to go down, you are in luck – catalyst2 is here to help.

From the moment that we opened for business, we have been providing server solutions far and wide. The fact that we are able to offer our clients the finest UK dedicated server hosting packages is certainly something that should capture your attention. As standard, you can expect us to provide DDOS protection, ensuring that you won’t have to spare a thought for the cyber criminals that are prowling around the world wide web. Our operating systems have undergone major changes as the years have gone on, a sign that we are committed to improving our services for the benefit of our clients.

To those of you that have had their interest piqued by any of the aforementioned server packages, we encourage that you get in touch with us sooner rather than later. The quicker you opt-into one of our fully-managed deals, the faster you can divert your attention to other aspects of your business. We promise that you won’t find another UK-based server provider that can compete with us in terms of quality. Should you be looking to get a quick response, your best-bet would be to drop us a message at; after this, you will be on the receiving end of a clear and insightful response.