Finding the right domain name is vital for your brand and business. The right name can make it easier for your potential customers to find you and it can help you to reach a global audience. Your domain name is more than just a web address; it is a key part of your brand. Whether you’re starting up a blog or you’re getting your business online, it’s important to find the right domain name. Whatever your business specialises in, you have a multitude of options to consider, which can be difficult to navigate. Here at catalyst2, we can help you find the best possible domain name for your business

At catalyst2, we are specialists in helping businesses find the right domain names for their businesses and personal projects. We know how tricky it can be navigating the world of web hosting, which is why we want to be the people that you turn to for all your website needs. We can offer you pressure-free advice and quality services, making us your one-stop-shop for domain names, website hosting and email hosting. 

Whatever it is you need, we are the people to turn to. If you’re struggling to navigate the world of domain names, then we’re here to walk you through what a domain name is and how to choose the right one for your business.

What is a Domain Name?

The key to finding the ideal domain name for your business is knowing what one is and why you need one. Every website is your own corner of the internet, created through the use of an IP address. This ‘Internet Protocol’ address is like the GPS coordinates for your website, taking your customers and potential customers straight to your website. Usually, an IP address comes in the form of numbers, which is difficult to remember and results in fewer people making it to your website. This is why a domain name is so important. Easy, memorable, direct, they are fundamental for bringing traffic through to your business. 

What Domains are Available?

When you’re setting up your website, it will soon become clear that there are hundreds of options to choose from. You have choices for different name structures, levels, and so on and these all come with different price points. It’s important for you to choose the right domain name for your business but we understand that you also have to balance that with your budget. 

You should consider that your potential customers use your domain name to determine whether or not they think you’re trustworthy, so picking the right one can make all the difference. That being said, your budget is something that you have to consider, particularly if you are creating a blog or a start-up company, both of which often have a minimal budget. Of course, there are some free domain names available, particularly through websites like WordPress and Weebly, but these might not be right for you because they can make your business seem less professional. 

Your domain will be made up of two different parts; the second level and the top level. The second level is the name of the website and usually includes the name of your brand. This is the key point that your customers are the most likely to remember. You can use as many characters as you like but this isn’t always the best choice and it’s important for you to be concise but to choose something that makes sense to your customers. This way it is easy for your customers to remember and therefore find you in the future. 

The other part of your domain name is the top-level but it’s also known as the domain extension. This means the letters that are at the end of the domain name, and there are more choices than you might imagine. For example, there are the well known .com, .org and the but there are plenty of others based on location and niche domains. 

Choosing the right top-level domain is key for making sure that you get the right crowd into your website. For example, if you’re an educational institution, it would be better for you to use .edu rather than .com as it offers you a niche sector of the internet, making you much easier to find. For most businesses, however, being able to have the broadest possible domain name makes you easier to find and your website easier to navigate. 

How Do You Choose a Domain Name?

You know what a domain name is and understand why it’s important, but the big decisions are still lying in front of you. We want to help you to trawl through the millions of domain names to find that one that is ideal for your business. It’s a surprisingly simple process.

  • Choose something Brandable, not Generic

Choosing something that is creative means that you’re choosing something memorable. Opting for  something memorable is far better than choosing something generic, which can be easily forgotten, or worse, confused with a competitor’s domain name. Having a memorable domain name is particularly useful to a small business because you won’t have to rely on your search engine results. This gives you a chance to grow your business and its SEO while still reaching new customers.

How do you make something that is memorable? You choose something that is closely linked to your business. Avoid names like because that sounds like a scam, instead, go for something that is personal to your business, like Not only does this link your domain name clearly to your business, but it also presents an incredible respectable image that customers can trust. Your domain name doesn’t have to be your company name word for word, but forging a close link is important. 

  • Consider the Length of the Domain Name

We mentioned this earlier but it’s worth repeating. When it comes to domain names, the shorter the better. This isn’t just a matter of memory and helping your customers to avoid spelling your name incorrectly, it is also a case of working with search engines to get the best results. There are so many different ways that your customers will find your website, through social media, through referrals from friends and acquaintances, and through search engines. In this day and age, however, the search engine is king; and we would recommend that you tailor your web presence to work well with them.

This means making sure that your domain name is easy to understand, something simple that delivers on its promises. We would recommend keeping it to between 6 and 14 characters, keeping it as short as you can. The simpler and more accurate your domain name is, the higher up you’ll find yourself on the search engine rankings. And the higher up you are, the more likely you’re going to be found by your customers. To help with this, we would suggest avoiding special characters as much as possible, unless it’s an important part of your brand. 

The only downside to picking a shorter domain name is the fact that there are fewer of them available to purchase. But don’t let this stop you because if you think of the right domain name, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Our domain name checker is really useful for finding the right name because it will help you make sure that your name is available and offer up useful suggestions if your domain name is already taken.

  • Make Sure you Future Proof the Name

The online world is always shifting and changing and it would be remiss of us to tell you all about domain names without reminding you to future proof your domain name. It is an investment, so you should avoid using something that will age poorly. Don’t use any trendy catchphrases or a domain name that includes the year you started the website. Both of these things go out of fashion very quickly and they won’t always reflect the position or the aims of your brand. 

The last thing you want is for your brand image to be stuck in 2022 or using terminology that has long since gone out of fashion. Think about where your brand will be in five or ten years and choose a domain name that will still be fitting at that moment. The last thing you’ll want is to change your domain name, a course of action that will waste a lot of your precious time and money. 

How Can We Help?

Here at catalyst2, we’re much more than just a domain name generator. We’re the support you need to get your business on the internet, a place for global trade and almost unlimited potential. To help our customers we make sure that you have no transfer-out fees, no lock-in contracts and access to our friendly support team any time you need us.

Once you’ve chosen your domain name and checked it with our helpful checker, you can make sure that it is properly registered in your name. This means that you’ll be purchasing the name and making sure that no one else will be able to purchase it. The cost will vary but usually, this will start at around £15. Once this has gone through you’ll be able to verify your ownership and you then have a brand domain name of your very own. The only thing left for you to do is build your website and get your business underway. It really is as simple as that.

If you’d like to find out more about our domain names or the best way for you to create one of your very own, then feel free to get in touch with us today by giving us a call on 0800 107 7979. We would be more than happy to offer you the free and impartial advice that you need to get your online business off the ground.