The technical world is one which is constantly advancing; every year, developments are being made which enhance our computing capabilities. Since the turn of the century, the business landscape is one which has been dominated by digital appliances. What many people fail to recognise is that this does not happen by coincidence – a lot of work is done behind the scenes, to facilitate these types of technical operations. Case-and-point, websites do not simply appear on the Internet. They must be hosted, and this requires a level of proficiency that not many firms are equipped to provide.

One of the fastest-growing industries in this day-and-age are those which incorporate cloud services, and it is not difficult to see why. Here at catalyst2, we are proud to be one of the best-managed cloud hosting providers, and we believe that more firms should consider adopting this type of service. For those of you that would like to educate yourselves on the finer details of this hosting option, as well as familiarise yourself on the various benefits which you can enjoy, we ask that you take the time to read the information below.

An Introduction To Cloud Hosting

Your current understanding of cloud computing probably stems from how your smartphone operates – whilst there are some valuable aspects to take away from this, cloud hosting is considerably different. As mentioned previously, for a company’s website to stay up-and-running, it needs to be hosted. In times gone by, this would have been done via a physical server, which you can learn a little more about in a moment. However, with how connectivity has evolved recently, this type of service can now be conducted digitally. Cloud servers, rather than having a single base, are instead based on the internet, in various locations.

Although you may not realise it, cloud computing has slowly-but-surely taken over; its popularity can be attributed to various factors, but perhaps most notable is the smooth-and-seamless way in which it operates. As opposed to other options, the time needed for visitors to load your website tend to be drastically reduced, and it is this level of convenience which helps cloud hosting to stand alone. You should also note that this is a service which is actively managed and monitored. Some UK-based server providers simply upload your data and then leave it to its own devices. Cloud-based systems can be tracked accurately in real-time, meaning that you can easily detect areas that your website is ranking well in.

A Look At Possible Alternatives

Before delving deeper into what you can expect from cloud hosting, it is important to stress that this is far from being the only type of hosting which can be used. There are various options open to you, all of which can potentially be beneficial for your firm. One of the most common types is shared hosting; the reason for its popularity can be cited as the relatively low cost. In essence, this service consists of a single server, on which are various websites. This is a service which is typically used by smaller corporations – due to the low traffic which these websites receive, it is prudent to share the processing power of the server with other websites. Whilst your loading times may not be incredible, this is a fantastic cost-effective solution to sourcing an adequate host.

Whilst not totally dissimilar, VPS hosting deserves its own explanation. Although websites will still be stored on a single server, were you to sign-up to this service, your website will be separate. In case you did not already know, this will enable you to, for example, install certain programmes and software without affecting other websites. Slightly more expensive than traditional shared hosting, it is worth notice that you will not be forced to pay for maintenance costs which do not concern your website, hence why it is becoming more popular.

If you are the owner of a large corporation, the chances are that you regularly attempt to improve your business’ online presence. Should this describe you accurately, the chances are that you are already utilising a dedicated server. As the name suggests, this is a service which allows you to take advantage of a single server; this allows you to achieve faster loading times, as you need not share a CPU. It also allows for more content to be uploaded to your website, as dedicated hosting servers typically feature larger memory banks. A relatively expensive service, it can be extremely worthwhile in the long run.

As you can see, trying to choose a hosting service which conforms to your needs and requirements is not straightforward. There are various factors which you must take into account, not least the budget that you are operating with. However, this is not to say that there is one right answer. Cloud hosting exhibits some features from all of the above options, and that is what potentially makes it the perfect solution for you.

What Are The Typical Features?

Many people fail to realise that cloud hosting is not a single type of service with a set-in-stone definition. Instead, there are models which vary in their composition and nature, and are usually dependent on what you, as a customer, require. If you are deliberating about whether or not cloud hosting is right for you, let us start with the basics. IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service, refers to the type of service where you purchase simple hardware. This can refer to, for example, a server. As one would expect, then, you are paying a firm to effectively transmit your files from their collections of servers onto the Internet.

If you were to conduct a survey regarding the most popular feature associated with cloud hosting, the results would undoubtedly come back in overwhelming favour of the scalability. To those of you that weren’t aware, this means that you can create a tailor-made package that adequately and sufficiently caters to your needs. Though you can potentially negotiate a deal regarding the other alternative server options on this list, it is not something which is a foregone conclusion. With cloud hosting, the moment that your business begins to see an increase in business, you can solicit your provider to bolster the power that you have access to.

To some, the pooling together of resources may seem counter-intuitive; in the case of cloud-hosting, however, it is something that works to the advantage of users. With various servers that you can utilise, the chances of your website being down are severely limited. No longer will you have to be fearful of a network blackout; your customers should be able to access your website without there being any hassle. This is a feature which is often overlooked, yet should never be understated.

Why Should You Invest?

2020 is a time which is dominated by money, and the world of hosting is no exception to this rule; as such, the fact that cloud hosting typically entails a flexible pricing model should be an extremely attractive option. With some of the other alternatives, but particularly shared hosting, you are forced to play a flat-rate, regardless of how your website is performing. This could lead to a scenario where you are having a slightly slow month with limited traffic, yet your expenses remain consistent. With cloud hosting, this is a problem which is instantly negated. You pay solely for the resources which your website utilises, making it a sensible option for those who are trying to limit their financial waste.

More often than not, cloud hosting can improve your website’s reliability and performance, in comparison with other hosting services. Many attribute this to the fact that it has already been integrated with the Internet, meaning that upload times are drastically shorter. Thanks to the ability to siphon resources from different locations as-and-when they are required, it is not dependent on one sole unit. Your uptime will also benefit from this; were you to be using a dedicated server, a single power outage could cause major disruption to your ability to do business. With cloud hostings multiple hubs, this is a problem that you will be able to put behind you.

One of the most unfortunate side-effects of the digital capabilities of the modern age is that some individuals employ them in a nefarious context. There is a reason why so many firms are now bragging about the state of their security systems. This aside, it is no wonder that you would be interested in safeguarding your website from hackers. Those of you that operate an e-commerce website, for example, or regularly facilitate transactions of sensitive data, need to reassure clients that their information will not be privy to being stolen. In technical terms, most cloud hosting services are integrated with 256-bit encryptions – arguably the most ironclad encryption found on the market, only those with the relevant access codes will be able to access your files.

It is evident, then, that there are various arguments as to why you should adopt a cloud hosting server as the home for your company’s website. Not only will it save you money in the long-run, but there are an array of performance-related benefits which simply cannot be matched by other alternatives. The importance of flexibility and growth potential that is also available to you should not be underestimated.

Would You Like To Begin Your Journey?

We hope that the content that you have read above will have offered you, at the very least, some insight as to why cloud hosting in the UK has seen its popularity rise year-upon-year. Thanks to the flexibility that is available, in regards to what packages involve, it is evident that this is a solution which can be enjoyed by corporations of varying sizes. Regardless of whether you are a multinational firm, or a business which is just beginning to find its feet, provided you have the necessary encryptions, cloud hosting can be extremely effective.

In case you have not worked with us in the past, or are unfamiliar with our company, allow us to introduce ourselves – we are catalyst2. To some, we are considered to be one of the finest cloud hosting providers in the country, and for a good reason. Since 2007, we have been able to offer our clients an uptime of 99.997%; this type of reliability is not something which our competitors can compete with, and is a prime example as to why we are an industry leader. The cloud hosting plans which we can offer you are not only good value for money, but also allow for the possibility of growth further down the line. Should you be sceptical of our credentials, the 365 Trustpilot reviews that we have received should offer you some confidence in our proficiency.

Whilst much of our reputation resides on facilitating one of the most secure cloud hosting services in the UK, it is important to stress that this is far from being our only speciality. Over the years, catalyst2 has expanded its catalogue of services – this enables us to better cater to the needs of our clients. Whether you are searching for a dedicated server, or require a data storage service, we will ensure that you are left wholly satisfied. Due to the scope of our work, we recognise that you may have some questions regarding how we can be of assistance. In instances such as these, we ask that you use any one of the contact methods listed on our website. From here, you will be put in touch with a member of our customer support team – we look forward to hearing from you.