So you want to start your own podcast? In this article, we’ll give you everything you need to learn how to create your own podcast.

Decide on the Topic

Chances are that if you have already decided that you want to start a podcast, you know what you want the topic to be about. But it is important to do some detailed research and really work out your niche and how you will get listeners. What will your podcast offer that others currently don’t? Why will people tune into your podcast, out of the thousands out there, every week? Spend some time with a pen and paper really becoming clear on your reason for creating a podcast and who your target audience will be.

Think of a name

Your podcast name will become synonymous with your brand, and it will be the first thing that potential listeners hear about it. Therefore, it’s important to think of a really good, catchy title. Don’t just use the first one you think of, give yourself some time to process any names, and make a balanced decision. It’s also a good idea to ask those around you for input – especially if they are in your target audience.

When creating your name, it’s also important to remember that people need to find it when they are searching for the topic. SEO is king in the podcast field as well as the internet field; be sure that the title is relevant to what you are going to talk about and if you can think of a creative name using the name of your field, even better.

Get the Right Gear

You’ll then need to purchase podcast gear. The great thing about podcasting is you don’t need a huge amount of kit – technically you can do it with just a smartphone. However, to have better quality audio, you might want to invest in external microphones for your phone and computer and applications to edit and process the podcast.

Design your Artwork

Just like your name, you want your artwork to be popping and eye-catching. Take some time to design something that fits well with your brand. If you don’t have the tools to design it yourself, it might be worth the investment to get a graphic designer to create one for you.

Get Ready to Record!

The first time you sit down to record a podcast episode will be a little bit overwhelming. Take a deep breath, and just start talking. Don’t read off a script (people will know!), just try to be chatty and casual, reading in a relaxed way. You probably won’t like the sound of it on your first listen back – most people hate the sound of their own voice. However, just keep at it and you’ll get used to it over time.

Podcast Hosting

To get your podcast from an audio file on your phone or computer into the big wide world, you’ll need some sort of podcast hosting. This is an extra expense, but it’s essential to get your podcast heard. These podcast hosting services will safely store your files, and from there you can submit it to various directories. This is where your listeners will find you and your podcast and where you will create your loyal fanbase!


Once you have uploaded your podcast, you’ll need to do some marketing. Post about your show on social media frequently, and ask your friends and family to share it. Lots of podcasts are found in-house too, so make sure that you have descriptions for each episode and there is a clear theme for your podcast. You ideally want your podcasts to be telling a story and suggesting that there is more to come, which will entice people to press the subscribe button.

Be Persistent

You might find that it takes a while for your podcast to get off the ground, especially if you don’t have a large following on other platforms. Don’t give up! You might need a few related episodes before your podcast is subscribed to, as many listeners like to see that there is a storyline before subscribing. It’s also a great idea to ask for 5* ratings in each podcast episode, as this will help your visibility in podcast apps.

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