The foundations of our service, from people to our network, we have focused on providing a superior platform and service.

Real People with years of experience, we have been hosting since January 2000

Our Network has been built from the ground up to deliver performance and reliability

Security is paramount, we have invested heavily to help protect our network

Backups should be standard, we include them without you having to ask

Reliability to ensure you stay online all the time

Flexibility is key, we have ability to provision new servers within the hour on our VMware based hosting platform

Direct relationships with all suppliers, from datacentre to servers, meaning we have clearly defined support paths

Real People

  • Any service starts with the people behind it, with 3 offices in the UK and familiar names responding to your queries you can be sure we are always here for you
  • No more tiered support, speak to knowledgeable individuals quickly about your service.

Our network – AS29636

A product is nothing without a solid base to build upon. Our network is the foundation of our offering and has been built to ensure your website / emails / applications are always available.

  • Our network was designed to be completely redundant from the ground up, every element of our core network is duplicated, we don’t just deploy one switch/router/firewall, we deploy two, why run one cable to each server cabinet when you can run two….you get the idea! Together this helps ensure even if hardware fails, we have a spare ready to automatically take over, or right beside it to be plugged in, meaning no or minimal impact on your service.
  • All hosted servers are protected by a pair of Fortinet firewalls including intrusion protection, which helps prevent common application attacks such as SQL injection and XSS, these are updated every few hours with the latest attack data to help keep one step ahead.
  • catalyst2 are also full members of RIPE (meaning we can assign IP addresses in your company name, and have completely control over the IPs we use) and LINX (letting us connect directly to large ISP’s such as Virgin Media, Demon, Zen and many other UK and EU providers), in addition we have direct connections to two of the top (in our opinion!) transit providers around, NTT and Tiscali. Again should any provider fail, your service won’t be affected as traffic is simply rerouted over the other.
  • We are also fully IPv6 ready, and have been since 2006!
  • Every element of our network is monitored, supported (by the likes of Cisco,Juniper and Checkpoint) and logged 24×7, should an event occur which requires further investigation an on call engineer is paged and working on the issue within minutes, before a small problem impacts your business. And as always, if you need assistance day or night our friendly team is on the end of our freephone.

Data Centre

  • One of Europe’s best connected and most secure data centres – Telehouse Europe in London Docklands


  • Redundant Firewalls – block traffic with rules to suit your needs, want to only allow email traffic to your server, no problem.
  • IPS (Intrusion Protection Systems) – our continually updated systems block traffic with common attack patterns, to help protect against increasingly sophisticated attacks on your sites.
  • Physical Security – With 24×7 manned security, perimeter patrols, CCTV and a key card access system, you can be certain your service is physically secure.


  • Offsite daily backups – daily R1Soft CDP backups ensuring we have a reliable copy of your data should the need arise
  • Veeam virtual server backups – image level backups that can be restored to any VMware host.


  • Our hosting and network infrastructure has been built from the ground up with reliability as the core element. We have a proven availability record since September 2006, external monitoring every one minute shows 99.97% availability.
  • Every core element of our network is replicated (routers, switches, UPS, cables…you name it!)
  • Each rack has at least two separate connections, run by diverse routes, back to our core network.


  • Thanks to our network design, any service can be easily upgraded and adapted to suit your specific requirements quickly and with no hassle.
  • Need more IP addresses? With our RIPE LIR status we can apply directly on your behalf. Being fully IPv6 ready means we can provide the next generation of connectivity today.

Client testimonial

I use catalyst2 for all my site's when possible, if necessary I'll resort the client hosts but never find them as friendly and helpful.

David Butterworth