Annual Survey

Here at catalyst2 we are keen to hear what you think and understand how our clients see our service, this lets us identify problems and improve our service. Since 2008 we have conducted an annual survey, asking every client how they find our support, service, value for money and how they came to use us.

We think its important to make this information available, so you can see what people think of us, and how we are always striving to improve.

Overall Experience (Good - Excellent)93.00%93.50%93.60%94.00%97.90%96.80%98.40%97.30%
Support (Good -– Excellent)90.10%94.20%98.60%98.70%98.90%98.60%98.10%97.60%
Value (Good - Excellent)85.10%85.80%87.50%83.70%87.70%91.20%92.10%94.80%
Personal Recommendation41.40%48.20%57.50%60.20%55.50%60.80%61.90%66.10%
Net Promoter Scoren/a59605765637069

Of course it doesn’t stop there, if you have an idea please let us know any time, you don’t have to wait for the survey.

Client testimonial

Everything is fine, thank you. The queries I had were dealt with in a prompt, professional and truly friendly manner! I have never experienced such superb service from any other supplier!

You guys and Catalyst2 are awesome!

Kan Parekh