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Why choose catalyst2 for web hosting?

  • Stable – We have been providing web hosting since January 2000 and are one of the UK’s most established web hosting providers.
  • Dependable – Our customer promise guarantees what you can expect from us, even if its 2am on a Sunday morning. We always deliver – see the results.
  • Award Winning – Our fantastic customer service has won several awards, including an ISPA for Best Consumer and Business Customer Service.
  • Fast and Friendly – Calls answered in under 5 minutes and very fast email responses – test us today.
  • Reliable – We constantly invest in the latest technology to provide a stable, well supported hosting platform. All our web hosting packages are provided on our own cloud platform.
  • The home of Managed Hosting Plus – offering you much more managed hosting for your money.

Client testimonials

Fantastic response times with a great team

Adam Oldfield

Great real person support - direct phone number, usually the same individual so any problems are handled by the same people. Excellent.

Daniel Chandler
Vindico UK Ltd

As a web designer & developer, I recommend all my clients to use catalyst2 services for web hosting.

Graham Stewart
20/20 Productions Europe Ltd

About catalyst2 web hosting

catalyst2 is a managed web hosting and fully managed dedicated server provider based in the UK. Specialising in a range of web hosting and managed dedicated servers such as PHP hosting, wordpress hosting, hosting, magento dedicated servers and a range of other web hosting services. catalyst2 provide simply the best web hosting you can find at less than £1 a month.

Started in the year 2000. It has grown based on recommendations and excellent customer service. catalyst2 has won numerous awards these include, Best Consumer Customer Service and Consumer choice award along with being nominated in the Best Shared Web Hosting category, the Best Managed Web Hosting Category and Best Dedicated Server category.

catalyst2 specialises in managed hosting and dedicated servers in the UK. catalyst2 has a UK based support team, all servers are UK based and uses VMware as the backbone of its hosting infrastructure. If you have any queries or would like to know more, please feel free to contact us.

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  • Here at catalyst2 we’re more than happy to announce that we’ve secured the Cyber Essentials Certification. A government-backed accreditation scheme launched in 2012, the program was aimed at encouraging organisations such as our own to consider how well they were managing their cyber risks, while also laying down some basic…

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