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Hosting for SEO

Internet search on a tabletYou might question how important web hosting is to effective search engine optimisation (SEO). The two subjects might appear to be separate, but they are not. SEO and web hosting have many crossovers and interdependencies. Reliable and trusted internet hosting from catalyst2 puts you in the best place to optimise a website.

As well as our skills and experience in the hosting industry, the excellent reputation of catalyst2 is endorsed by a regular stream of awards and press coverage. We are not another faceless internet company.

Believe it or not, humans are involved in the process of quality checking websites across the web hosting and SEO industry. People from Google and Bing do browse sites to check certain criteria such as trustworthiness and user experience. As much as accurate titling, tagging and keywording is helpful to strong SEO, there is considerably more to it than that.

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Here are other key elements.


Google is fixated upon website speeds because of a dedication to user satisfaction. This stands to reason. If we try to visit a top ranked website and the first page is painfully slow to load, we will be irritated, possibly enough to try a different website. Hosting companies are important to the loading of websites, but again there is more to it. Users need to be aware of factors which may slow down a website from loading, such as large image file sizes and clunky coding. There are a number of handy analytics sites which can help you monitor your site, including Google Webmaster Tools.

Our Premium Hosting is specifically optimised for speed, with PHP7, SSDs and small numbers of customers per server, it will give you excellent results.

Shared or personal servers

Shared or personal servers are also a factor in website speed. Much depends on the volume of traffic you anticipate to your site. Shared servers can work well and quickly. They are usually an affordable way of creating a small business website or blog. Storage and bandwidth are shared and you may never even be aware of it. But high volume traffic to content-rich websites might be better served with a dedicated server.

Here at catalyst2, we serve all kinds of different businesses. A number of different options are available to suit whatever is best for you.


This next point is almost so simple it doesn’t need saying, but not quite. Lightning-quick website speed aligned with beautifully optimised content matters for nothing if your website is constantly up and down at the whim of a hosting company. Wobbly websites can be penalised by search engines if they can detect a regular pattern of unavailability and issues go unchecked.

Thankfully, this is not an issue for catalyst2 hosted sites.

Many hosting options – one choice

There are many internet hosting companies to choose from, and it can feel like a minefield for the uninitiated. Remember that questionable hosting companies might be unclear in their communication or fail to communicate at all. If you’re confused about a technical issue, you shouldn’t be and you shouldn’t be deflected away.

Fuzzy messages and unstable service make for frustrating website hosts. It will also have a hugely detrimental impact on the search optimisation of your website.

At catalyst2, we pledge to communicate clearly and respond quickly to all our customers, while delivering a genuinely excellent internet hosting service that effectively complements robust SEO strategies. Call us now and we can get your website securely hosted in a way that works best for you.

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