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Managed or Unmanaged Hosting

Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers are typically divided up into two key areas. The managed hosting and the unmanaged hosting. We are going to look at these two areas to help you make a decision over which is likely be best for you.

Unmanaged hosting / Unmanaged dedicated server

This is not a service we typically offer. An unmanaged server is just a server, it may or may not come with an operating system, may or may not be firewalled and will be down to the customer to administer all the parts of the server including installing the operating system, keeping the server patched and up to date, monitoring the server, backing up the server, dealing with all issues and queries related to the server, the hosting company is likely only to be responsible for the connectivity and the hardware / data centre. Everything apart from that is up to the customer / administrator to deal with. It goes without saying that this requires a significant amount of knowledge on the part of the customer and should there be an issue with any part of the software / operating system etc, it will will be down the customer to investigate and manage this issue.

Managed hosting / managed dedicated server

At catalyst2 we only offer managed services. This means that we are providing the full package. We are providing the hardware, the connectivity, the control panel, we are doing the patching and backups for the server. We are assisting our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that there are no issues. If there are any issues that we provide a single point of contact to offer any assistance that the customer requires. We firewall all our servers by default, we store 7 days of backups offsite as standard, we do full site migrations and it is all included in the cost of the service. This is the reason why many people go for a managed service. They don’t want the hassle. They want to know that we are monitoring their server every minute of every day and that if we notice anything, even very minor, it will be investigated and dealt with be that 3am on a Sunday morning or 10am on a Thursday. We are always there, keeping an eye and ensuring everything is as safe, secure and reliable as they possibly can be. We are always at the end of the phone should a customer need help setting up a new site or a new email address or doing any other day to day things that may be required.

Client testimonial

Have been with catalyst2 for years, never had any problems.

James Grove